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The Pendle Witch Documentary - World Documentaries Channel

The trials of the Pendle witches in 1612 are among the most famous witch trials in English history, and some of the best recorded of the 17th century. The twelve ...

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People still celebrate the witches on Pendle every Haloween by going to the top of Pendle for a party. I used to live there and it was a regular Haloween tradition.
Well she got her own revenge....... Awesome story kinda predictable but still AWESOME!!!! :)

Clearing the Smoke The Science of Cannabis PBS Presents

Clearing the Smoke The Science of Cannabis PBS Presents This video is intended for educational purposes copyright laws educational use Fair Use Montana ...

Nail Art Dia de los Muertos Sugar Skulls

EXPAND ME -- DESPLIEGAME ********** It's not Halloween, it's Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) If you want to learn about this Mexican Holiday, click here: ...

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Manita arriba... desde que lo pusiste la foto en tu facebook... me encantaron!!!! lo intentare y te estare poniendo la fotito de como me quedo :D Muchas gracias por la inspiracion :D
Me hice este diseño y a mis amigas les encantó! nwn Aunque mis uñas son cortas y tuve que arreglármelas, jeje. ¡Eres muy talentosa! Me encantan tus videos
The dotting tool on Ebay or Amazon. The brush I got it at Walmart. It's a no brand name cheap brush I found near the nail care section :)
Thank you! Sometimes is difficult, but I have lots of patience. If it doesn't turn how I want at first, I take it off and do it again.
muy buena idea ademas de estar acorde a la tradicion de la celebración de muertos en algunos paises
¡Qué paciencia! pero déjame decirte que te quedaron preciosas, lo intentaré. Manita arriba :)
Me ha encantado!! Muy bonita,sencilla y original!! Gracias por aportar éste bonito diseño!!
Gracias!! Que bueno que las hiciste!! Si tienes foto, ponla en mi pagina de facebook, plis??
It's amazing the great art work u do on short nails, I always try but run outta space
HERMOSISIMASSS, me encantaron, lastima que no tengo tan buena mano para decorar ;-)
Hermosisimas, lastima k yo no tengo tan buena mano para decorar ;-)
DIOS MIO! (I know my spanish sucks :P) They are absolutly AWESOME!
Aw, so cute and dark at the same time. I love sugar skulls! :)
Awesome dia de los Muertos diseño , me encanta!! thumbs up!
que talento tan especial! las mas bellas unas que he visto!
ya quiero que sea noviembre para hacerme este diseño :)
learned about this today in Spanish! sooo cool! :)
los pinceles que usas...son especiales para uñas?
do you allow dry time between adding colors?
me encantaron pero están dificilisimas XC
Me encanta, muy lindas se ven geniales :D
Of course... I wait 5 to 10 minutes
hermosisimas las pondre en practica
These look like fun! Thumbs up hun!

Robert Gossett at 2011 BraveHeart Women Awards Red Carpet Report

Mingle Media TV and host Leah Cevoli were invited to come out and cover the Red Carpet for the 2011 BraveHeart Women Awards. Watch our video interviews ...

Suzanne DeLaurentis at 2011 BraveHeart Women Awards Red Carpet Report

Mingle Media TV and host Leah Cevoli were invited to come out and cover the Red Carpet for the 2011 BraveHeart Women Awards. Watch our video interviews ...
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