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Nissan mexico flag Videos

El Reto Final Nissan Mexico vs USA (comment and rate.)

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it surprised me that the US players were out of shape in that game damn Mexican players they were in shape cause they still play at the park for money hahaha GO MEXICO!!
GoooooooooooL!!!!!! de mexico!!!!

Green Reaper Supra VS Nissan GTR R35

Dream Race.... Elite's 3.4L Supra Precision Turbo 7175 18Psi E85 6 Speed VS 2014 Nissan GTR R35 Bone Stock AWD GTR owner was a very cool...

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Equal mod for equal mod......the gtr would poop out the supra
+350gtrsLike I said genius, the fastest Supra is almost 2 full seconds faster in the 1/4 mile than the fastest GTR. A GTR has limitations, a Supra does not as has been proven, they push their 1/4 miles times lower and lower every year.
That's true seen it happen, most supra fan girls never advertise the power of their supra I case they lose they can always down grade the numbers and when they win oh it's equal lol bull shit mother fuckers supra girls always do that because when it comes to dyno them at the same time and they both have at least 5hp- than the other I always see the GTR beat the supra at the same rate so don't make excuses supra girls.
+M Perez Supra's 90's and looks better !
Ummm no that would not happen lol
Stupid fanboy.
Now factor in the huge age difference between these two and realize why that's not really a good enough reason~
The fucking supra won Fuck all u haters bitch 
Well no shit vs a less hp GTR kid
Supra is old, grandpa needs to retire, The new king is here, A.k.a Godzilla - Super car killer, that's why so many people be hating on it, It's faster than any car you guys have
+Kev Eagle geezus, go do your homework...
+ExoticSpeedify its allready at 5.9x :)
+Jay Singh go play cod lol
How so?
The R34 rb26det is much better than the R35
Guys name is "Singh", he's into Tata's and A1 level Indian cars....
Supra won in this video so..... Grandpa win?
Singh...$1000 you drive a Camry or a Tata.  STFU and let the adults state their points.
BUT who knows as for the future, better mods may come for the GTR as they did for the Supra which may allow it to surpass. BUT Toyota is designing  the next gen Supra as we speak.... lol
Nissans suck. That's why Renault. Built the car. So what does that tell you
go back to your COD mate! lol you cant knock the old Supra (:
+ExoticSpeedifyMost powerful car at TX2K14 was a Supra. Fastest down the mile was a Ford GT. The GTR didn't do shit.
LOL yeah, I guess that's why the worlds fastest import right now down the strip is the supra at 6.15. So depends on the mods bro

Nissan Launches 2016 Australian Motorsport Season

Nissan is making a major commitment to motor sport in Australia once again in 2016 with its two headline acts – V8 Supercars and GT3 racing taking to the track ...

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That GTR! Maaaaad


Watch, and learn: in 2006 the Tucson media was PRO-RAZA. They actively SUPPORTED the "Pro-Raza" Movement and actively tried to STOP Mexican Flag ...

Touring the Flag Monument - Iguala Mexico

ALL MY PLAYLISTS: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBX9GAk2hXFRuT2u-_GN4RQ/videos?view=1 SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/rvr2 MY 2nd ...

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Another gringo with you ? Haha
Yeah our 'nephew in law' wanted to see the flag monument so I brought him and his daughter along

mexican american flag bean dip

Man Defends US Flag

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YEA!! Merica, Im proud of my terrorist like country where you are guilty till proven innocent, where governments main purpose of getting into office is screwing over the general population while making us think they are doing us a favor, lets go un-lawfully raid someones house again,and put them through so much court time that they will eventually get tired of it and plead guilty just to stop the madness, because thats what we are proud of. you want waterboarding? we got it, just come on down!
If I was there I would salute you myself. Not sure I would have throw the Mexican flag on the ground, I think it would have a better insult to the man himself if you had handed it to him and then walked off with our flag. I agree completely... that he should not get our flag back. If he cannot respect our flag in o0ur country then he does not consider himself a citizen and needs to get the hell out. Our country, our flag on top. If I go to their home country, I expect to see their flag on top
@orgullosocriollo The smartest reply on this board!!! I am an American, a true Patriot! I would expect any person in there respective Countries to do the same. That was a direct slap in the face of all American's. If you are so proud of your Country that you fly a foreign flag on another countries soil, then why are you there? On any other day that is considered an act of war. You are staking your countries claim by positioning your flag. That's the fact!! Good job Jim you make me proud!!!!
America has the HIGHEST quality standard of living in the world. It is only one of the few countries one can greatly move social "caste systems" within a generation. That's not ignorance, that's the truth. It is a flag representing liberty and freedom. People came to North America to escape persecution and for their children to live and prosper better than they did. They felt they could, and they did, accomplish this on the basis of hard-work and a small democracy.
You are looking at the U.N. rankings. I am looking at GDP vs. income vs. population. You can't include equality of classes because the true effects are capitalism is that you are required to work for success. There's a reason why people immigrate here by the millions. Hey, you want to work hard, not be taxed to shit, live in a democracy, and experience every culture in the world? Come to America. It may be my opinion, but a lot of people do agree with it.
Ok let's see... GDP per capita: Norway number 3, America number 6. Sure, we pay a lot of taxes, but in return we get stuff like free education and free health care. And believe it or not we have democracy here as well. Again I'm not trying to bash America here, I'm not even saying my country is better. I think that's a case of opinion.
have you been to the ghetto? no parent there wants their kid to succeed, everyone's doing drugs from ages 12+ because of what parents are teaching them, no one should say they are proud of a county that will do this to a harmless guy, then watch crack heads and drug dealers walk around on the street killing each other.
I don't hate America, it's a great country. It's just, saying that it's the best country is nothing but your personal opinion. You say it's a fact that America has the highest quality standard of living in the world, when in fact it didn't even make the top 10. Now that's a fact.
When you have lost relatives and loved ones, and even dedicated your own life towards protecting a people and namely freedom, then talk. The flag represents all that is free and prosperous in this world. There is a reason why America is by far the BEST place to live..
You must not have any comprehension or understanding of history if it's just a flag to you. You sir, are there in turn the ignorant one. One thing separates Americans from every other culture: they ALWAYS want their kids to live a better life than they did.
That was a childish act and that is why every one hates America yeah we can burn all the mexican flags, Quran's, all other flags but dont touch a US flag or you go to jail its a free country ill fly any flag i want over the US one fuck all you rednecks!
Nihsnek01, saying America is by far the best place to live is ignorant and not even true. I respect that you respect the American flag, I don't understand it however. To me it IS just a flag without any true meaning.
I agree. It's illegal and I wonder why the police didn't do anything? My grandfather is a veteran. If I lived there I would have taken the flag down and given it to him. ;)
Actually my own country, Norway, was ranked as the country with the highest quality standard of living 6 years in a row, untill 2007 when Iceland was ranked nr1.
Yea, and there sure is a lot of innovation coming out of there. Let's see, Norway: 25% sales tax. Gasoline price State monopoly on alcohol
good for him deport those mexicans out of my country!! America is going down the drain with illegals.. we all must fight back!!
Hey Jim, If you're not married, I want you to know I'm available. I'm not bad looking, I clean-up good, and I've got money!
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Im jim brosser and i took this flag down in honor of my country WITH A FLAG WIT A KNIFE (HAHAHA JACKASS)
iceland is bankrupt!!! how could they have the best ranking in the world for the best place to live???? get real...
hell yea. that guy deserves more than the one free flag he got. thanks for posting this on youtube, great video
Hey Antonio faggot. Go ahead and try it and get your ass kicked you fucking asshole.
thank you sir, you are a true individual which understands basic concepts.
he probily couldent commnet cause he couldent even speak english hehe
Hell yes! How DARE YOU fly another flag above the Stars and Stripes.
Jim Brossard is my hero. Thank you for your service Jim.

Hot Wheels Flying Customs E-Case Texas Drive Em Nissan Skyline

This may be the last batch. Only time will tell. It may not be available in stores so check online. The eight models in this assortment, two per case are as follows: ...

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I was a big fan of the Hot Ones. Bought several of them, but never saw some models I wanted, such as the Mustang SVO or that semi truck (Long Gone?). As for the Flying Customs, I've only ever seen the first case cars get released around my part of the woods, probably haven't sold a single one of them. That really sucks, because I'd like most of the models in the video, especially the Texas Drive 'em. :(
White is the Imperial racing color of Japan. The 2000 GT-R was no exception. Because of the fuel crisis in the 70's it's run was very limited. It had an awesome engine known as the S20. Stuff of Legends. I will definitely be picking up a GT-R and the CJ7 is pretty cool. Thanks again Mark. Your videos are fun, and clean which is rare thing these days!
Nice to see! Thanks for the show. On the Olds 442. I would say it the James Garner ( 1970 Goodyear grabber 442 ) he raced in Baja 1000 ( off road racing ) same lights on top everything. Check it out. Hot wheels had the James Garner C.o.p.o. corvette in 2012 ROADRCR. Now we need his Olds 442.
I like that Olds 442.I'd go muddin' in that car too :) Texas Drive 'Em! I need that one because I'm from Texas lol.Some of these will probably wind up at the auto parts stores like O'Reilly Auto Parts.I have seen a few of these Flying Customs there recently.
i think its too see how much stuff sells, you don't want to put all your good stuff first time round, you pan it out, ppl don't like the cars so they put in popuar models in the next case, but here's the kicker, they do them in awful colours,
i have that oldsmobile 442 with the lift kit and if i had the real version id go jumping in it duke boy style. by the way the olds mobile is redneckish with the off road tires the other version is called Donks
I might want to find that corvette dragster. All metal opening cowls are disappearing from the mainlines. Plus that TAMPO! Like that funny car is crazy man, like psychedelic! Far out!
the jeep CJ-7 is roll patrol, or a re-named verson, the flying customs might end up in the UK in poundland i'll keep an eye out, its happened with MB and HW, so might happen now,
Flying cystom's and Hot ones are an awesome series! Metal on Metal original Retro Look's, Sweet Wheel's! the Blue Hare Splitter is an awesome casting from this series too :)
It is a shame that the Flying Customs is ending. The pegs really have just overflowed with the older case stuff. Wish I could see the Skyline hit the pegs.
Zamac. It is the metal that Hot Wheels are made of and when HW doesn't paint them, you can see the Zamac metal. (Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper)
I never understand why Mattel always starts with the weak case assortments, that is how they killed the Hot Wheels Racing line from 2012.
Hot Wheels Racing. I couldn't remember the name of that line because at one point in this video, I was going to make a reference to it.
Agreed. This batch is probably the last but we never know. Between the models chosen and the deco's, it wasn't a well executed start.
The A-Case is still hanging around on our pegs here in VA... hopefully, we'll see the rest of the series before the year is over.
Cedar loves the Olds 442 W-30 (Desert Thrill Racers). Looks quite similar but this version has a few bumps on the roof @ 1:23 .
the texas pickup would look heaps better painted and detailed, but yeah i know they couldnt do that at the price point,
Yeah, my Donk reference in the beginning wasn't the best. My saying that it could be doing some Mudding was better =)
They had a lifted 442 earlier this year in yellow but it didnt have those rooftop lights or whatevers on the roof
The castings are good but the paint schemes are just plain awful. Then they wonder why they aren't selling...
The front wheel on the corvette funny car looks new compared to the old style hot wheels tires on the others.
The 442 doesnt look to be a donk. It looks like a 4x4, with the roll bar and the off road lights.
Nice video, I like the Texas Drive em pick up. The light blue bikes in the bike is classic :-)
That olds mobile
The lifted olds 442 looks like a Baja car. The camaro , vette fc, and chevette are very nice.

Mexican Family Reacts to CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

Mexico vs. USA CONCACAF Gold Cup Final October 10, 2015 Shot with: GoPro Hero4 Silver Mexican Flag Background: ...

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your making fun if your country
Please post more videos
more videos
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