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Wilkes university graduate tuition Videos

Ughanze WGU Online University Graduation Speech July 2007

//www.wgu.edu - Ughanze graduated from Western Governors University taking care of seven children. Ughanze of Texas migrated from Nigeria to America.

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Omg I saw this on the commercial when it had 48 views on bravo that's why I looked it up.

Political Science Rant

I rant about University tuition because all my life I've been told I have to go to university if I want a good life for myself. University is basically the only way that I ...

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Thanks 20021redturle! I don't know how to reply to comments yet, so this is the best I can do. Stupid new comment system, lol
your awesome
cool video

Student Nursing Placement interview

Sheffield Hallam first year nursing student describes the downfalls and advantages of this intense course and the effects it has on university life.

Solidarity forever: UC Berkeley

Note: Do not play at high volume unless you want to get an earful of my off-tune singing. Second day of UAW local 2865 protests at UC Berkeley. Before taking ...
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