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Car overheating power steering Videos

Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Checking Car Power Steering Fluid

Check the car's power steering fluid level every so often to prevent the car steering from going out; learn how from our expert mechanic in this free ...

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if you own certain cars the power steering level cant be seen on the side of the reservoir but you can use a pop sickle stick to measure it. also some vehicles such as fords use ATF instead of PSF. to flush the system a turkey baster can be used to gradually take fluid out, but dont go past the hose in the reservoir or you will let air into the system and cause problems
@guitaristwagner i don't think its necessary...i've never changed the power steering fluid in a vehicle and neither have my parents. never had any problems.
I put six cups of BBQ sauce in with my power steering fluid, and now I can't turn left! Dammit, I HATE EXPERT VILLAGE VIDEOS! :P
thats strange our power steering fluid lasted 15 years in our ford explorer i dont see why you gotta change it every so often.
We at Gerber know how important power steering is to prevent auto collisions. Great tips and advice, Jeff.
How do you drain the fluid? aahh screw it ill figure it out hehe
lol i didnt know about the colour ! i am gonna check ..
gracias senor por el cosejo I'll give 5 stars.
@navaerick69bb its a pain in the ass to do
Thanks Jeff! excellent vid
are you a mechanic?

Power Steering Pump Pulley Installation

Showing how to install the power steering pump pulley.

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Love your vids .......great stuff.
+RomanAutomotive Thanks Bro, Been working on her for the past 2 years. Hard to get time to work on your own stuff when customers need there stuff first......lol  
And I love your thumbnail. Nothing beats the classics.
Nice work Roman. I see that you have a Powerbuilt steering pump pulley kit, but I can't find the kit that you're using. Do you know what the part number is for the kit that you're using? Thanks!
I bought it at pepboys. Just get this one................. //www.amazon.com/OTC-4530-Steering-Pulley-Service/dp/B000XSI96G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392781412&sr=8-1&keywords=power+steering+pump+pulley+puller
as easy as that.. Thanks Roman
No, thank you.
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