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Mercedes Vito reimo camper convertion. £7995 Beds, Milton Keynes

A Very SPORTY looking Mercedes Benz reimo 110 CDi Vito camper van, full service history (see pics) drives like a dream very good on fuel all original body ...

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Now you got house to live ...XD
very nice,still forsale?
Still for sale???

Pastor Milton R. Hawkins Presents The Temple of Deliverance Women's Choir "LIVE"

New Single "Everybody Praise"

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Nice women's choir all in white. Why a man director with a different color on? Sticks out like a sore thumb..... Really?
You aint get the memo? All the directors doig that now. . .lol
I LOVE this song
I love this song. That man on the guitar was on fire!!!
I love this song 2, Yes the guitar man is the BOMB !!!!
I truly adore the lead singer! Beautiful voice from this Godly woman. This song is an awesome representation of how the Lord should be praised! I was waiting for a praise dance but had to do my own.
+PAMELA DODD her name is Carla Tolbert Taylor
Was that J Drew Sheard on the drums @ 7:22?
Yes sir!!!
What is the name of this song?? Please tell me. 
Sorry... Everybody Praise
I'll praise him

John Milton and Lycidas

Dr Anna Beer shares a few short extracts of Milton's poem Lycidas and discusses what they show about Milton's very special qualities as a writer. From Dickens ...

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Thank you for introducing me to the poem about his deceased wife. I think all the poetry you read today shows how powerful, how dramatic were the endings of his poems. I studied him over 30 years ago, and certain lines from his poetry remain with me to this day. Besides the end of "Lycidas," I love the first part of the next to last stanza because of the alliteration. And the Biblical allusion, "And wipe the tears for ever from his eyes," has to be one of the most powerful in literature. Herbert is perhaps the only poet to use an even more powerfully beatific vision in "The Glance." "If thy first glance so powerfull be,/A mirth but open'd and seal'd up again ;/What wonders shall we feel, when we shall see/ Thy full-ey'd love!/When thou shalt look us out of pain, . . ."

Life Found In Space: Exclusive Interview with Milton Wainwright

Your Discovery Science recently travelled to Sheffield university for an exclusive interview with Professor Milton Wainwright who claims to have found a life in ...

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So what has Milton Wainwright discovered exactly? It is not enough for rightly cautious skeptics to simply bleat the "majority view" that they doubt he has found any alien matter intelligently engineered. What exactly is his titanium sphere then? How was it made? Where can we find more of the same? This is science: https://www.bestthinking.com/thinkers/science/social_sciences/sociology/mike-sutton?tab=blog&blogpostid=22955 
+Mike Sutton I and others have been launching weather balloons full of extremophiles to burst at 120k+ ft. The intent is that these organisms (primarily Rhizocarpon Geographicum) will ride the mesospheric uplift to the solar winds and on to Mars. I have used a sputtering magnetron to encapsulate lichen with stainless steel , lithium and other metals.
those wild claims escalated quickly, didn't they?!
No, he was on the BBC news yesterday thats he's found more proof 
If the tropopause prevents organisms from earth getting into stratosphere will it not be the case that if organisms do get into the stratosphere, during volcanic eruptions, they'll find it hard to fall back to earth again and get stuck in the stratosphere, where they will be detected by Prof. Wainwright's apparatus?
+G4KDXlive That seems like an excellent thought. I dont remember any of our space missions bringing back life that fell to our close friend the moon. guess more science and evidence is needed.

Lloyd Strang Squatting 220kg for 8 reps - 5th Set.

In memoriam Milton Babbitt Relata 1 for orchestra

Relata 1 for orchestra with a collection of photos of the composer who died at the weekend 29/01/11 aged 94. Babbitt has said of Relata 1 - Although the work ...

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I grew up next door to Milton and Sylvia Babbitt. Their daughter, Betty Ann, was my matron of honor and they were at my wedding. Sylvia and my mom were best friends. Milton was brilliant in every way. His knowledge of music (including movie music) and his talent for boogie woogie music was as great as his knowledge for everything else, including football scores and baseball averages. And he was warm and friendly. I miss him as much as I miss Sylvia and my own parents.
@japanesesweet In a letter I have from Babbitt he mentions how Relata 2 had been performed about four times but not recorded unfortunately. I hope oneday that will be sorted out.
@AndrewToovey Thanks for posting. Do you happen to know whether Babbit's piece called Music for the Mass ever been performed or recorded?
@LesbianStraightGay Hello - I don't know about this - but you could check one of his publishers Peters Edition.
I have a professor who studied with Babbitt, I can only imagine how great of an experience it must have been.
This is a uncharacteristicly 'dramatic' work for Babbitt. Great, nonetheless.
Death: The greatest illusion. His music lives on ∞
Thank you for the information
:*( Fare thee well Babbitt!
farewell beloved ♫♥♪
Fantastic piece!
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