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Bath and body works nz auckland Videos

MUST HAVE 'The Body Shop' Products!

Have a lot of exciting vids coming up!! :) Don't forget to leave suggestions below! x . The Body Shop NZ website to see prices etc: ...

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Sine you do work or have worked there, What is your opinion on the Lip Butters? I am thinking about getting some but just need a clear review :P.
+Holister1987 the honey and the strawberry one smell soooo good! I haven't tried the other ones though.
+Holister1987 I've used a couple - they're not super moisturising but they all smell amazing
I've heard the body shop make products with lots of chemicals. They are not all that natural as they seem. I am so confused. I want something that does not contain chemicals. Can someone who knows the truth tell me if the body shop is natural or not.
+Jessica Borek They are more natural than most products out on the market. nothing is completely natural. If you are between buying a MAC lipstick or a Body Shop one then Body Shop is more natural. Most Butters here in the US do not contain parabens. Lush is also a company that does no test on animals but tries to be natural as well. and make up wise TART is expensive however also tries to be very natural and you can get Tart at Sephora.
+killeryory whatevs
+Evie Grace I'm sorry, but I haven't heard it from someone, I read the freakin' ingredients. They're written on the bottle. They have natural ingredients in, but they're not 100% natural. At all.
+killeryory and u can't see if there natural from the website you have to know from a body shop specialist which I have done
I know 3 people who work in the body shop 2 are mangers it's very natural products so the people you've heard from are liers
+Jessica Borek No, they aren't. Just look up for the ingredients! Their body butters have silicones in it. AND they don't write anywhere that they're natural, so... :/
Yes they are all natural!
Damn stuffs expensive there! A MAC pan in USA is $15, individuals are $20 I believe. I believe my pressed powder foundation was $35. It's funny how money works on island countries. Do you get paid more? Our min wage is $8.25. What about you? 
+Zelda00Gamer she's talking about NZD not USD. It's not the same. So, for example when she's talking about how the eyeshadow's are 21 dollars, it means it's around 16USD. That on top of what you previously said about the wage difference makes it around the same thing.
our min wage is about $14.20 i think
I think our minimum wage is $13.

SUPER RUGBY 2016: All you need to know | SKY TV

With several new teams joining the Super Rugby family in 2016... Here's everything you need to know about the new format for Super Rugby in 2016 Come With ...

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what I don't get is the sixth SA team. They could have added a Pacific island team, and just keep the three conferences ie the Argentine team in the SA conference, Japanese team in the Australian conference and the PI team in the NZ conference. tbh that 6-4-5 rule is just bloody complicated...
+Mr P T Japanese team doesn't need to be there, they'll just lose every game
+Dan Webster Well said, I can see where you're coming from
It's the common refrain where i'm from - "We've got ours, we're the best at rugby, we own rugby, so no one else should have a look in."Despite that, I'm really looking forward to seeing Japanese and Argie teams, as well as the Kings. I love the exotic nature of Super Rugby, every team has it's own flavour, and even the teams with sub .500 records, of which there are plenty, battle hard and play with style. There's more to rugby than just winning and losing, it's more than 'quality' and 'product'. It's time to expand, and they're doing it whether the naysayers like it or not.
+Dan Webster Is that your attempt at proving a point? I just said I didn't care about a Super team from Japan or Argentina. I love watching all the quality teams from SA, AUS & NZ. What I meant is I don't care for the adding of more rubbish teams, when there are already plenty of rubbish ones. So again, who said they only care about their own team???
"I couldn't care less about a Super team from Japan or Argentina. I'm certainly not going to tune in to see the Sunwolves play the Kings :D :D I'd watch paint dry, or women's cricket"
+Dan Webster Nobody here has said they only care about their own teams....soooooo?
+Mr P T There's high commercial demand in south africa for another team. South African rugby has good crowd attendance and general following. There's no demand for a PI team, no infrastructure there. Potentially Fiji could field a team, but that's a pretty out there proposition. Also saying "i don't care about other teams than my own" isn't how things like this get decided.
+Mr P T SA can barely field 2-3 competitive teams. Won't adding a sixth further weaken their teams? In my opinion we should go back to Super 12; less teams, better quality within those fewer teams and shorter seasons. This comp is too complicated and full of games and teams that nobody gives a f@!* about. Just watch all the empty stadiums this year. I couldn't care less about a Super team from Japan or Argentina. I'm certainly not going to tune in to see the Sunwolves play the Kings :D :D I'd watch paint dry, or women's cricket.
+Mr P T The Kings are a mess at the moment, but I don't know why Japan is in this competition considering they are in the northern hemisphere.
+Mr P T the politics in South Africa is weird

Strange things that girls search up on the Internet!

Hi macaroons! Today, I'm doing a video on strange things that girls search up on the Internet! Because, OBVIOUSLY us girls are WEIRD people. Well, some.

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Thank you for watching!
I'm glad you thought it was funny!

party bags Auckland

Huge Haul featuring Zoella Beauty & Lush │ThatsNat04

Hey Cherry Chumps. Firstly Yay for uploading two videos this week. A few weeks ago I was up in Auckland for the Justin Timberlake concert. Whilst I was up ...

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hey girl! i love your channell.! your video was great and i really enjoyed watching it. i would love for you to check my channel out. it would mean the world if you could subscribe! have a nice day love. xoxo - Frappuccino beauty
+Frappuccino Beauty Thank you for checking out this video. So glad you enjoyed it :) I will have a look at your channel now. Have a good day. x
im so glad i found this wee video of yours! off to buy some zoella goodies :D
+Poppy Tainsomjit Naw thank you. I definitely recommend her products, they last ages too. Thanks for watching. xx
omg love those shoes!! Leah x
thanks Leah. They were from rebel sport. Not sure if I mentioned that in the video :P x
I'm a Lush addict and loved everything you picked up!!! I also just posted my Halloween Lush Haul on my channel if you are interested in checking it out :) I hope you have a great week hun! -Melany xx
Thank you. I love lush. I shall take a look at your video :) x
Loving your dancing at the start doll haha! Everything looks great doll :) Would love if you'd take a quick look at my channel xx
ha my 'dancing' aw dear :) thanks for watching my video. I am just heading to you channel now. x

25.06.15 - Governing Body - Item 15 - Part 11

Work It - Ylvis [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] [FULL HD] (Work It - Ylvis.)

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Varg Vikernes liked this video, check it on his channel ( Thulean Perspective ) XDDDDD
+Krzysztof Panicz lol, man, yeah
The bitches in the video have no ass or tits :(
+Squidward Testicles They're dudes.
europeans dude
They are not high. They are comediens and this is a very-well and smartly done satire. Especially rap songs or like Pitbull songs are nothing but this concept: vagina, sex, dancing in the club, booty. You all mostly listen to this kind of music without your ears bleeding and these two smart men mocking you all.
And this song/music/video was written, recorded, filmed and edited in 36 hours.
they are artists of the ironic! <3 nice said elma hanim :) greetings to turkey :P
That makes some sense. Was beginning to wonder wtf was wrong with them lol. It's a nice way of mocking people. Shame people don't really realize it though.
Too Much!!!
but now I feel conserned about the bacterias in the Jacuzzi
Wow! I cant beliave how stupid people really are. How the actual fuck can you be so fucking retarded in your tiny little brain that you actually belieave these guys are being serious???
Jajaja people actually think this is a serious song? Wow xD
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