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Birmingham uk rubbish Videos

Impressive - African Musician Playing His Guitar Made of Rubbish! :) bagz.co.uk

www.bagz.co.uk About bagz.co.uk: We are an independent business based in Birmingham, UK. Having traded online for many years, on various platforms, ...

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Impressive - African Musician Playing His Guitar Made of Rubbish! :) bagz.co.uk #coolstuff #viralvideo #music 

Kings of Leon - Birmingham UK, Dec 16 2010

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im going tonight =D cant wait

The rubbish in our canals The Birmingham to Worcester...

Is This The UK's Worst Rapper?

Back in 2005 during "The Streets 10 Rounds Tour" we came across Takan at the Birmingham Auditions. After talking the talk when it came down to walking the ...

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Police helicopter films rats on Smethwick rubbish tip

Police helicopter films rats on Smethwick rubbish tip.

Qik - Hare & Hounds by Joanna Geary

Sending UK rubbish to Holland cheaper than UK processing (02Oct13)

Sending rubbish to Holland is cheaper than dealing with it in the UK. Recorded from BBC Look East, 02 October 2013.

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im unemployed but i know whats right. i got a fucking flyer through the door telling us the contamination levels and my house it right in the second most concentrated area. some short googling shows the nasty effects i can expect and you arguing for jobs isnt going to stop me protesting and doing everything i can to stop it. you dont have to breathe in the fumes so you dont really care you just want me to shut up and inhale so you can feel good about your political attitude towards jobs.
scrounging? thats really mean. i dont want to be on jsa i'm looking for work every day. there are no fucking jobs here we have had an influx of over 40k of eastern europeans and i cant even get a crap job doing something like labouring anymore. even the jobcenter say its bad and that people my age are committing suicide and i should try to stay positive. this is not a joke this is real life. i want to work sure but i also dont want to breathe in cadmium. ffs have compassion.
did you just gloss over the part where i said we need a recycling option? neither option is good but i can see you just want me to breathe it in and stfu. well no matter what you say im going to keep protesting, writing to my local representative and if the situation calls stop any attempt to construct the place. don't try to label me a nimby thats just rude. including myself people in my family have lung conditions and live here for the good quality air.
I've already gone over the UK benefits of keeping the jobs here, never mind the money saved by clawing it back in taxes. The issue being criticised by Pulsed Neutrino is the pollution produced while burning it. If you think it's not that bad that it cannot be done abroad, then why not just keep it here in the UK? Either it's fine and it can be done here, or it's not fine and they're being a nimby. Good enough for other people, but not them.
"did you just gloss over the part where i said we need a recycling option?" You do realise the waste that goes into these incinerators are what is left 'after' they have extracted recyclable materials? We're already recycling, what is burned is what's left after the recycling process, stuff that otherwise would have gone into landfills.
You're unemployed and just scrounging on Job seekers allowance ? There needs to be more jobs out there for you to get off your ass and do work. If you have a disability then ok fine stay on benefits and find work under 16 hours a week with some support if you want to. To be honest I rather breathe in bad air to have jobs around.
The Dutch government/business approaches us, what the actual Dutch people think is a different matter. I don't think they want to breath it in any more than you do, but you don't seem to have any problem with that. Not in my back yard, let foreigners breath in the pollution from MY waste.
When the choice is between UK jobs or saving a bit of money, they always choose the latter. Even though the resulting benefit to the economy from greater employment, and those employees spending their wages into the economy, would likely be far more beneficial than the money saved...
i live in kl and i think its wrong to make us breathe in fucking cadmium living downwind of that blasted proposed incinerator. debora sax can go fuck herself and i wish i could find a way to make her inhale the fumes to show her how fucking stupid she is.
It's not really the Europeans fault. It's actually the bankers and governments fault for causing this awful mess. I wish you all the best then. Hopefully you be able to find something. Yes it's good to stay positive because it helps. Good luck.
nearly everything bar hazardous substances can be recycled in some way. we just need a more comprehensive recycle policy, rigorous sorting at home level, a ban on selling non recyclable packaging and education about reducing waste output .
what part of i dont want to breathe in cadmium do you not understand. if the dutch want to do a deal then that's fine but really i think we should recycle. the dutch approached us, you talk like we are just flytipping over there.
Clearly they don't think it is cost effective to try to recycle everything. But at the very least we seem to agree that this is something that should be done 'at home' and not shoved off to become someone else's problem.
As the waste management chick said.....it's worth £££. And I'd bet a lot of my paper currency that certain folk within this council stand to make a pretty penny from the Dutch deal. Quelle surprise.
How is it dumping , if the company is going to be paid to get rid of UK waste. nobody is forcing them to & if it was that bad im sure both governments or the eu would block it from happening
This is connected to the climate change scam so our evil masters can sqeeze as much money from us...and we all say nothing we just pay pay and pay like good little soldiers!
We're even sending our rubbish abroad because Britain can't do anything itself. One day our government will be done by foreigners and I don't mean the EUSSR.
You already breathing in bad air anyway. So what's wrong with having a site in the UK ? Unemployment in the UK is bad as it is...

Is the UK rubbish at high-speed rail?

As the debate over HS2 continues to rage, Matt Frei examines why, around the world, other countries are ploughing on with high-speed rail projects whilst the ...
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