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Dayton flyers accessories Videos

Greg's 1911 Stoddard Dayton Speed Car (50HP) - Two

September 22, 2007 - Stopped by the shops to record progress on the machine. After looking at engine accessories and woodwork, etc., Greg started the engine ...

I rock at basketball

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Stupidity is not something you can be "born" with. Since you dont even know that, Im guessing you are stupid. You can be born with retardation, but thats a whole different story, just shut up kid, you cant argue with me, when you get to college you will put up a good arguement.
You throw the ball different ways, but the recording for the ball going in is replayed over and over, you suck at basketball, this video isnt even funny, if it was meant to be a joke...
the whole point is that its fake, so don't make fun of him. You guys are dumber who thinks he isn't aware of this.
woww no life kid? ford u bomb luv the video =) ♥ marissa ♥
I dont get it though were you TYING to be funny ? or stupid ?
Thanks for the tip, moron.
Ford roxs at basketball
Haters. I luddisshit
so fake haha
jeez! lol

basketball men n tights.mp4 zambo del norte

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Team supremacy powerlifting-Brandon Blair and Marcus Hatten

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