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Vassar college average gpa and sat Videos

In The Ghetto-Paul Ngozi (1976)

Rare, based, brave, and imperial footage of my friend Olaf and his meteoric rise from the mean streets of Edina MN to the top of the bitcoin ziggurat. Along the ...

Superwoman | Vassar On Tap 2013

Choreography: Natalie Hine Dancers: Claire Grosel, Natalie Hine, Jessie Kastenbaum, Bailey O'Malley, Katy Walter Music: "Superwoman" by Stevie Wonder.

User Comments

Love it! Reminds me of our Stevie Wonder dance party days!
Rate 1:10/4 sounds like clams

Blondes at Vassar w/Ivy Meadows Light Show

Edited by Corwin Lamm //ivymeadows.blogspot.com //myspace.com/blondeblondeblondes.

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"Hater" -- it'll be coming out on a 12" this summer...
why can't i find these guy's stuff anywhere?!
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