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Vassar college religion Videos

Vassar Devils - Bad Religion

Danny Dones solos on the Vassar Devils rendition of Bad Religion at their final concert: The Devils Wear Prada.

Bad Religion - Vassar Devils Cover

All For You (Vassar Devils A Cappella 2011)

The Vassar Devils perform Sister Hazel's "All For You" at their Spring 2011 concert. Taylor Hall, Vassar College Soloist: Emmett Ingram '12 Trio: Alex McCoy '11, ...

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Emmett is SO CUTE!

Religion on Campus

Video of one religious group at SUNY New Paltz "Campus Catholic Ministy"(CCM). CCM mees Wednesday nights but also holds meetings various times ...

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Hey dad 

Stars and the Moon - Vassar BAM

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Hey, BAM. It's former Fearless Leader here. When are y'all gonna make a CD so I can buy it?
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