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Nottingham university hospital guidelines Videos

Webinar - Ebola: Protocols, Infection Prevention and More

Dr. Jon Otter joins us for a 30 minute webinar covering an update on Ebola in West Africa, discussing the current challenges, and provided key insight to ...

The McKenzie Approach by Vasileios Georgopoulos, University of Nottingham

Video presentation submitted as part of assessment for the Postgraduate module Contemporary Practices in Manual Therapy (Lower Quadrant), Division of ...

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Nothing shows long term effects. You can't stop someone from using poor posture and/or body mechanics. You can't stop the effects of gravity. What matters is that they have a means to self treat upon likely relapse.

Prof Michelle Briggs - Patients' experience of pain: Bedsores, being judged and beliefs

Revd. Professor Michelle Briggs is a Professor of Nursing and a Director of the Centre for Pain Research at Leeds Metropolitan University. Qualifying as a nurse ...

India: University girls hospitalised in Madurai acid attack *GRAPHIC*

Video ID: 20140912-059 C/U Injured woman in ambulance M/S Woman exiting ambulance *FOOTAGE SLOWS DOWN AT SOURCE* M/S Injured woman in ...

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hateful things only an evil bacterial monkey would do make sure to capture those and show their nature on television. `
Whats fucking wrong with these mens in india. All what these woman want was a little bit of education to get a living.
Frigging muslums need to be wiped off the face of the earth...they are good FOR NOTHING
but why!

Nottingham PICU Induction

Induction for new doctors starting on PICU at Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

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My son was there in 2006 a really caring place

Case Study 1 - TouchStone Assessment Management System - Dr Steven Burr

Dr Steven Burr from the School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Nottingham talks about his experiences of using TouchStone on three different ...

Demolition Contractor Nottingham | Call Us Now! 01773 768 688 or 07789 600 589

//centraldemolitionplanthire.co.uk As a Demolition Contractor Nottingham and East Midlands the commercial demolition tasks that we take on are sometimes ...

Improving patient safety: 2015 Winner

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nhswalesawards Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nhswalesawards NHS Wales Awards website: ...

Murder arrest over Ray Gosling's BBC confession

TV presenter Ray Gosling has been arrested on suspicion of murder by Nottinghamshire Police after he admitted killing his lover. The 70-year-old's confession ...

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This is not like a Doctor or Nurse making the choice and walking away afterwards. This is a person making the choice that will have to deal with the memories of what they had together, the loss of that relationship, and the pain of that loss. I don't know if I would have that strength. I saw what my Father went through with cancer. People always ask why there is so much pain, I think it's more for the survivors, to let go of their loved ones. At least they aren't in pain anymore.
@danas62 good point, but at the moment all we have is ray saying that he killed a gay lover.. what if the gay lover said he was going to expose there relationship to the papers? that could have happend and then he killed him to shut him up, we all are aware that dying people like to make confessions about things. All we know of the dead man is that he was most likely one of many rent boys that ray was seeing during the mid 1980s time, before he went bankrupt.
Off the subject, Thi is a clear reminder to why the BBC backs, anything radical/ Anti british and anti semi right wing . The BBC is a clear far eft wing propoganda machine that is run by scum like this fucking peice of shit! a old pervert fiddling around with some one who all ready has aids and we pay these fuckers money to talk shit to us every tea time.BOYCOT YOUR TV LICENSE WITH OUT DELAY THESE PEOPLE HAVE A NEGATIVE AGENDA TO COMMON WELL DOING.
Nice try chump, that's your subjective opinion about how violent it is here as compared to anywhere else. For instance is it more violent to get shot here vs getting stabbed in London ? The only people in America who think it is a violent place are left wingers liberal cry babies who think living like Jerry Seinfeld is real life. Get out of the city and try living in the country where Honorable people are around everywhere.
@MrBoomSonic: we have different opinions. I don't think life is always worth living. I don't blame those who suffer from extreme pain, have no hope of being cured, if they decide to commit suicide. Neither do I blame those who helped somebody die if they had been asked to provide this king of help. I believe these are personal choices, I believe we should all be granted the freedom to choose between living and dying.
@MrBoomSonic: I think one must be brave and fight for a worthy cause. Being brave when all you can possibly get is prolonging intense suffering and there is no hope of being cured is not necessarily a worthy cause. The decision to keep living or put an end to it, whether or not with somebody's help, is very personal.
@26highstreet..After your video upload which you titled "Ray Gosling admits to being a serial killer in this chilling interview" I was beginning to think you were not dealing with the fulldeck. Now after reading your above amateur slueth rambling. I`m convinced of it! I`ve reported your video title btw.
@walentynowicz ray was having an affair with this man who he killed, at the time he was living with a man who was dying of cancer.. Hes refusing to tell the police anything, he cant see what the fuss is all about... ray gosling sounds like a right bastard to me
If everyone thinks like him and thinks disease make life unbearable, then every1 from UK will commit suicide....What insanity is this? Be Brave, live and walk out of any problems u got...Dun be a coward and chose the easy way out
What a sad, lonely, fucked up old man you are...full of gods hate too! Your user name says it all. Perhaps its your turn to die, I doubt if anyone will miss you! RIP MisterMadBastard xxx
i love the way hes so self obsessed that he said, i cant see what all the fuss was about.... fuckin unreal... he killed someone and cant understand what all the fuss was about.
RIP Ray, I remember his documentary on Whittingham Asylum years ago, he seemed a really nice guy, a doubt he wanted to continue to live after the death of his partner !
Ahhahaha Murdering faggot deserves to be in jail for the rest of his life. Too bad the brits are too incompetent to have a death penalty.
@RGIUGLIANO To live is a worthy cause...Those who took life for granted should have never been born in the first place...
@hobo59 the death penalty works great!! thats why here in the US we have the most violent society in the western world!!!
... you cannot judge people if you did not experience their feelings ... truth hurts but sometimes it is all we can do
Sidebar (more info) 'Police are questioning the presenter over his claims. ' Thank you
how come every video on youtube has to turn into some kind of international debate
agree or disagree with what he did, thumbs up or down on this comment
He looks like he is enjoying every minute of this attention
monday if you're talking about when he annouced it.
And i bet your known as the local paedophile:)
I hope I never have to make that decision
so that man murdered someone
when did this happen?
Pathetic liar
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