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Iu university hospital closing Videos

Kushtia Islamic University closes again over violence

The university's Proctor Lokman Hakim said the students had been asked to leave all the halls of residence by 10am Saturday, amid a nationwide transport ...

Closing Remarks on Innovation, Final Thoughts on Centralizers and Decentralizers

To explore the fiscal realities of the ACA and discuss principles for successful healthcare reform, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University hosted a new ...

Vitamin D and Cancer: Closing Remarks - Mike Fischer

Mike Fischer - Director, Systems Biology Laboratory and founder of the Vitamin D Association.

Chinese hospital management system

including nurse work station, register, doctor office, medication store, medication bureau, balance system, closing an account system, Electronic health record ...

Ron Paul at Indiana University Campaign for Liberty 1/5

Ron Paul speaking at Indiana University-Bloomington on 10/25/10 for the Campaign for Liberty. This event was sponsored by the Young Americans for Liberty ...

User Comments

if you vote for Obama or Romney i will just make a educated guess and assume your a dumb ass...common sense isnt common any more people...VOTE RON PAUL!!!
I've always thought he was two mini men stacked up on each other. Surely one man can't know so much about the economy with one brain.
See the official video on the right, "Ron Paul: The Case for Liberty" - One of the best Ron Paul event videos to date.
I wish the video quality was better but I'm happy that you posted this. RON PAUL 2012 !!!
the video quality is actually good.. it's strangely just the ratio that's messed up.
@LeifEiriksson -for the sake of America's future he needs to be OUR president.
he seems little chubby here :) Ron Paul 2012
No Dislikes....I hope he reconsiders running
Thanks for posting this video.
Ron Paul is my president!
YAL at IU *****
No Dislikes
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