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Otis college famous alumni Videos

Tom Van Sant, Otis, 1957

Part of the series: Otis Legacy Project: Interviews of Distinguished Otis Alumni. Tom Van Sant attended Otis in 1957. His works cover everything from architecture ...

Bruce Yonemoto, Otis, 1979

Part of the series: Otis Legacy Project: Interviews of Distinguished Otis Alumni. Bruce Yonemoto attended Otis in 1979. He became a famous video artist doing ...

Otis College Convocation 2012 Presenter: John Tagg

Every August, right before the semester begins, Otis College of Art and Design hosts a day of Convocation, where new and returning faculty attend presentations ...

Otis Modern Art 13: Edges and Resistance Pt 2: Art Nouveau

It is the end of the 19th Century, and the French La Belle Epoque. Art Nouveau became popular in all aspects of life, from furniture to the famous Paris Metro ...

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! These Lectures have been very informative, enlightening and intriguing. I love the way the works/artists have been analysed by technique and innovation having in mind social concerns of the period. You've provided us with many areas of focus: The real (Photography) vs Idealised academic, The flaneur, etc... You even addressed male nudes during Salon Time, Something which no art historian ever goes over. +OtisCollege Please Upload more Otis Modern art history lectures. Dr. Parme G You are a great speaker who is easy to understand and goes fully in depths into the material. I would love to see you continue this series and tackle movements such as Fauvism,German/Expressionism, Cubism, Section Dor, Orphism, Suprematism, constructivism,Surrealism,Abstraction,Pre World War II European/American Art, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, etc...

Holding Court 1: Otis Birdsong Q&A

NBRPA TO LAUNCH TV-STYLE LEGENDS TALK SHOW ON HUFF POST March 27, 2012 For Immediate Release CHICAGO, ILL. -- The National Basketball ...

Mac's Craft Collective - Otis Frizzell

Artist, hip-hop performer, radio personality, tattooist and graphic designer, Otis Frizzell is a bit of a legend legend and undeniably crafty. Otis' work can be found ...

Otis/Downey-Goodlein Hydraulic Elevator at RIT Student Alumni Union

Riding the elevator at the RIT Student Alumni Union.

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It's the Student Alumni Union (SAU), not Student Alumni Center! Accept no substitutes.
Nothing like starting with a bang.
Creepy elevator.
nice elevator
Death Trap!

Frankfurt, Germany: Sachsenhausen, Main River, Day Skyline (Ep.2)

The Frankfurt Scene In 2013! 90% of this video's footage is by request from 95% Frankfurt American High School Alumni Eagles, during December 2012, VIA ...

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Otis...youuuuu the man. I can't believe the German people and police harassing you just because you were making videos of Frankfurt. I gotta ask you .would you be harassed as much if you not African American. Could they be a little more paranoid because of your race.
It has nothing to do with his skin color or something similiar. I'm a german hobby photographer and was "harassed" by the police, private security, normal people...We have very strict privacy laws, and I think that this is good, but as a photographer it can be annoying.Like he said, just try Google Street View, you'll see that they discontinued it in Germany. You'll find some old data of some of the major citys, but that's it.

Frankfurt Alumni Video Invitation

Frankfurt Alumni Video, produced and edited by Frankfurt Milcom Alumni and F.A.H.S. Eagle Alumni; Otis Cue Pate, provides passionate, eclectic, as well as ...
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