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Charleston wv electrical contractors Videos

Wm Jean Electric Co - Charleston, WV

Wm Jean Electric Co 304-925-3558 304-744-7777 //www.yellowbook.com/profile/jean-william-j-electric-co_1858038521.html jean william j electric co ...

Design Restorations - Charleston, WV

Design Restorations 304-415-1978 //www.yellowbook.com/profile/design-restorations_1844521209.html.

A Total Comfort - Charleston, WV

A Total Comfort 304-553-0094 //

Thompson Electric - Lavalette, WV

Thompson Electric 304-523-4552 304-529-4552 304-638-4494 //www.yellowbook.com/profile/thompson-electric_1860877278.html.

When its time to fire your general contractor on a rehab project

Subscribe to //www.100percentfinanced.com/ and visit our website to learn more. If the general contractor is taking your money on a rehab project and not ...

User Comments

Ive been looking into doing this for some time, home repairs/flipping/renting/selling real estate. Im going to be going to military training in june and should get out in january with a little over $20,000 would that be enough to get started? I have also been taking tech colleges classes over construction im level 1 certified in carpentry,plumbing, and hvac. I think having that training and doing most of the work myself would greatly increase profit. 
Juan Pablo, thanks for the video. I just want to share, me personally, instead of walking into a vacant structure and announcing, "police" and risk getting shot by a third time felon, instead, yell, "property manager" or "property inspector", your less likely to be shot by the homeless drug dealing felon/zombie not wanting to go back to prison....LOL
I hate shitty contractor's
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