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Charleston wv goodnight celebration Videos

The Charleston Gospel Brass Band

The Charleston Gospel Brass Band plays "Joy to the World," directed by Dick Stockton.

Jim Brickman - The Gift (LIVE)

Website: //jimbrickman.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimbrickman Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimbrickman Instagram: ...

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Good night for TheJimBrickmanmusic wonderful o find music very very nice, o Christmas is heaven one date where all World celebrate a grace of have a family ,love and can share a bless of family,,with friend and have idea wonderful for share a party ,share in present have one lovely special , how flower in heart a memory ,in photo big emotion, in music is voyage in emotion with eyes out and imagine a person near ,love a other face of nostalgic feel that is life and feel that in embrace a harmony restore and born in heart one new day, O good of party is that with present of feel that were think with caress ,in embrace exist a cure and afraid of do not to be clean and win space in joy. How one friend say with knowledge and love in relative all is present ,what make to be special is feel that is make ,share in join in joint , a life is motion one party is sum of must detail that in motion in pause hoe melody lovely ,is how table whith rich detail of caress share work and wish wake in caress o moment of grace //youtu.be/vWyUYsdRwJk
Jim not seen your Christmas concert in the last few yrs but I went for several yrs and always loved it. We spoke in Denver CO and then again the next yr in Durham NC. I love your brilliant writing of this song and love to hear you and the dear sweet wonderful talented Anne Cochran singing it together.
I found this song when i was watching the video for Valentine and i noticed this song with the two puppies playing. after hearing it, i was in tears and it made me miss my dog and my gf. It was this song in which i dubbed them "My Two Loves" in my life cuz i wouldnt be here if it werent for them :-)
i love to dedicate this song to gallen dumaquita, my love, my angel, my everything and my gift from God! this song reflects the real meaning of "LOVE". we are God's gift and we always keep the thought of this song. i really admire the relationship we have. iloveu,Gallen Dumaquita,the Gift!
I've seen Jim and Anne perform many times and also had the privilege of cruising with them. They are real down to earth people. You will never be disappointed with any of their concerts. You will be touched and moved. Don't miss them if they come to your area. God Bless you guys. - Bob O.
this was our theme song i can still remember the day we both thought fairy tales were true the time we both thought destiny brought us together but it was a dream with sorrowful endings i was to break up with her on our anniversary, i stil miss her ...12...
That was so beautiful. So soothing. I love this song and love this performance. you guys sang so well together and the piano and all the instruments were just amazing. I love this. thank you for putting this up
I was at the taping of this wonderful concert in Niagara Falls, Canada for a PBS special. Also had the privilege to sing for Jim and Anne on their annual cruise a few years ago. Going again this year again as well.
Martina McBride does this the best!! I am not knocking Anne, she has an amazing voice. I am just stating my own opinion, that I feel the best is Martina. At least for this song might I add.
i thought he was a great songwriter and pianist but he sings too? dude i feel so young and stupid. beautiful song sung by two great people and a remarkable violinist in tracy silverman
ivy alayosa, diba favorite mo to na kanta? i really miss you and i love you so much! this song pinapatugtug natin habang natotolog at naka open ang cam sa skype. reygan maputol
Love listening to the music of Jim Brickman. My Wife and I listened to him perform under the stars at Ravinia Festival in North Suburban Chicago. A Magical Evening.
ahm,this song ddc8 to my beloved sistr i love you so much...mwaaah ingat ka lge.sorry 4 my mistake hope that yoy dnt change your attitude.love you
What a very wonderful song that brings back memories for me that I sometimes cry while I listen to it. Thank you Jim. You are wonderful pianist
I can't find the music sheet of this... because wan't to play this for my parents. this is one of their favorite songs,
@MrJTL221 If your were referring to the original version, I think it wasn't Martina McBride. It was Susan Ashton.
I buy JB's music, just last week "Escape" caught my fancy, and he's so gorgeous too. Muah and good Karma! AC
@Wasadtiah Yes, its a 6 string electric violin, Tracy is about one of the coolest guys youll ever meet too.
I love so much this song!! What amazing performance!! Thank you so much Mr. Brickman for posting!!!
this song is very memorable for me.. because it's our love song... with jersey number 7..heheheh
does anyone know where this concert is?? I think i was at this one if it was in van wert ohio
Great seeing you again! Incredible show in Orange last night. Come back soon!!! Gary Shannon
You are wonderful Jim, such a great song to listen or to sing. A Million Kiss from Thailand
w0w i love this song..i always remember my one and only dream girl in my life LMG.. :)

Pete Seeger & Si Kahn: Creative Community Organizing

The late Pete Seeger sings with long time friend, activist, and musician Si Kahn as they promote Si Kahn's newest book: Creative Community Organizing: A ...

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Si Kahn is an American singer-songwriter, activist, and founder and executive director of Grassroots Leadership. He is especially known for songs about workers and their families, like "Aragon Mill" (1974). He frequently writes songs, and occasionally performs, with Virginian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist John McCutcheon. Kahn usually accompanies himself on a steel-string acoustic guitar, played with brass fingerpicks.
Pete's "What Did You Learn In School Today" 'tis a major gas, Daddy-O.

Heart - No Quarter - Live July 28 2015 Fredericksburg, VA

Heart covering Led Zeppelin's No Quarter at Celebrate Virginia Live.

Keep The Music Playing with Scotty McCreery - Inside Music Row 1298

Captured-Hanging by a Moment 7-4-03

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