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Charleston wv skyscrapers Videos

HD Chicago Lightning Compilation - Strikes Hitting Skyscrapers

As seen on Mythbusters and at the Museum of Science and Industry! A compilation of intense lightning over the city of Chicago, Illinois, including direct strikes to ...

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Pittsburgh HD Lightning Compilation - intense strikes over skyscrapers

A compilation of intense lightning over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in full 1080i HD! More at //stormhighway.com. Follow on Twitter at ...

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I take it this is not for broadcast?

Building 82 Implosion

The Union Carbide Building 82 in South Charleston, WV, which was bought by the University of Charleston, was imploded on March 28, 2009 before a crowd of ...

Pastor Chris Sowards "It's Not What It Looks Like" 10-08-15

23rd Pastoral Anniversary Celebration Services Church of God MPGT Ministries, Charleston, WV.

Girls doing the charleston. (Song by the Ditty Bops.)

Carbide Building Blown Up

Demolition of Carbide Building 82 in South Charleston

Great Wild Open

Recorded by Erica Evans- Performed and written by Joshua Evans September 18 2013- in a field. (In loving memory of Mary Nazelrod, the life she lived on this ...

Severe Storm Hits Atlanta, Halts SEC Tournament

Georgia authorities are now reporting injuries from a severe storm that struck downtown Atlanta Friday night. It damaged skyscrapers, hotels and two major ...

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My brother and I were supposed to have originally gone there three weeks later, on Friday, April 4, but then our flight from Philadelphia was cancelled because of more bad weather down there. In facat, on that day alone, most of Georgia was under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. I then decided to go in October, and thank God that the weather was just perfect: blue skies, sunshine, and temperatures in the 70's.
Think abut GOD all people in USA.Your govermant make a force to another inosent people all over from world but GOD all see. From ortodox from Serbia.
what happens when severe weather hits a downtown metropolitan area. Imagine if this were a F5 tornado
poor atlanta. good thing everyone was safe! =]
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