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Tacoma weather girl Videos

VAS Weather Girls 2012-2013

sr.2 vancouver all stars.

Starstruck, Local Girl Garage Band

Starstruck is a local girl garage band in Tacoma made up of Linda Ta, Lizzie Rowe, and Brittany Ann Lumpkin. For more information visit ...

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How do you people think it is good? They are bad singers. The instrument playing was alright
These girls are so talented, they have so much potential. Awesome

The Weather Girl - Shoes

A comedy act. In this episode she goes off on a rant about shoes.

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OMG! YES!!! The adventures of shoe shopping can be quite something!!! =) *LOL!* =)

Finding Paradise

Paradise is an aptly named region in Mount Rainier National Park. Also some messing around building dams, various timelapse and some pretty views of ...

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I loved visiting Mt Rainier. Went there after visit to St Helens. What I found most interesting is the explanation of how St Helens changed and bulged before she blew. Then going to Rainier you could see the very top seemed to bulge. Scarey, exciting stuff. Couldn't see a reflection in reflection lake but I took some photos of these bug chunks of ice floating in the lake. When we got home we saw the reflection clear as day in the pics!!!
These videos are great. But you probably violated a law in building that dam. No permit, or enviromental impact study. No consideration for the unknown life that may have been lost, due in no small part to the negligence of the construction, that lead to the catastrophic failure. So there you have it. Thunderf00t, the eco terrorist. It's a sad day indeed. He'll be eating omelets made from Bald Eagle eggs next. Just watch. :)
During my teen years, I lived in central Washington. Mom remarried in 1980 (a month after Helens erupted. I could step out my back door and see the east slope of Mt. Rainer. People asked mom what would happen if Rainer would blow up. She said "When Rainer starts moving, so do I."
You look up, you see beauty. You look down, you see more beauty. You come back up to eye level and you see a bunch of ignorant fuckers trying to convince you, that you can't appreciate this kind of beauty as much as they do, because you don't worship the deity that created it.
Awesome scenery. ls1z28chris: As someone who was lucky enough to be able to take a couple extended cross country trips like this, there seemed to be more Europeans than Americans there were at all the most scenic western parks. Maybe we need longer paid vacations...
Brilliant idea, a couple of compilations of all the BitU videos and some graphics, mapping etc. Burn it and make copies available through Ebay or something, a nice little earner to help Tf00t pay for this epic journey. Should be able to do part 1 thro 3 at least.
I don't understand why this comment has been thumbed down, considering how the statement is fairly accurate. The glaciers retreated about one quarter their size between the little ice age (around 1850) through 1950. But it's still a sight to behold, nonetheless.
should have gone to the olympics. although i have seen some pretty cool shit in the cascades, i just prefer the olympics. washington is an amazing state, travel east of the cascades and its just a barren wasteland, the complete opposite of the coastal area.
(3:20) Freeze-thaw cycle, My Arse! How did that boulder get there? Easy. God put it there! (Troll Comment!) By Golly-By Gosh! Look at that scenery!! The next time I win a lottery I'm retracing TF's footsteps. Thanks again, TF, for sharing this with us.
I am sure you have posted a map of your trip somewhere, but if anyone could provide a link to a road-map of this adventure I would be grateful. Like a good scientist, I want to see this all for myself someday..
"music: utter shit" I don't care for techno either, but it seems to go well with his footage. At least its not Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' like almost every other YouTube vid. lol I'm so sick of that damn song.
I've lived within 6 hours of the east coast my entire life, but I was lucky enough to go to Monterey, CA for a motogp race in 2006... i'll never forget it. I'd highly recommend it, whatever the cost :)
PPL... Why complaining bout the music,, let the man show you the universe... complaining bout music is for dead beats enjoy the world and let old people tell you why music sux get real for real
I don't know your route home, but I'd recommend checking out Grand Coulee on your way through Central Washington. Dry Falls is an impressive vista, perfect for your airplane.
You should really get all your best time lapses on to a DVD, add some nice music and sell it as recreational/ inspirational material :) Great stuff, Tf00t, great stuff ;)
i was there today, the only bad thing is it was "free admitance day" in the park so all the riff raff was destroying our mountain didnt even want to get out of the car.
Also want to mention that there are lots of amazing glacier caves in Washington (assuming they haven't melted), some of which are a pretty easy hike. They are amazing.
I was up on those trails a few years back w. my niece during the US Go Congress. Beautiful country. It's a shame I never got to see the glacier before the shrinkage.
No kidding. I've lived in America all of my life, and I've never taken the time to visit the places thunderf00t is sharing in these videos. This is some great stuff.

Girls of SEMA 2014 ReviewMyParts.com

WD-40 LLumar SunTek TRUXEDO Iron Cross aFe Power Ford Ford Mustang BForged Corvette Chevy Chevrolet SEMA SEMA2014 SEMA Girls Gibson ...

Mystery man saves woman; police hope to locate & thank him

Phoenix police are searching for a mystery man who's being hailed as a hero for his life-saving actions. Phoenix police are searching for a mystery man who's ...

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just so ya'll know he was part of anonymous (so he fled the scene so you wouldn't figure out who he was
I hope they found him too :)

Canada’s Senate investigates claims senator Meredith had affairs with teenage girl

Canada's Senate has launched an investigation into allegations that a senator had a two-year affair with a teenage girl. Senator Don Meredith was removed by ...

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is the reporter drunk?

Baby girl rescued from house fire

A house caught on fire this afternoon in North Tulsa, and a police officer saved a girl just in the knick of time. ◂ KJRH - 2 News Works for You - brings you the ...
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