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Kyoto nara japan rail pass Videos

Japan Railpass Adventure: Nara

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That is so so awesome, those deer rock CHEATER you didn't bow for your cookie! Nice T-shirts! Nice Peter Brady voice change impression at the end :) Sorry it took me so long to catch back up on your videos.
haha yeah my voice cracks when im tired, or drunk, or tired and drunk.
At least you didn't get bit in the butt like I did in Nara lol.
haha we didint get everything on camera :)
So you can do Japan in 8 days, but it takes six months to find out how!! Lol!!
HAHA! Exactly Barrenger. Probably 2 or 3 more videos to go. Shimane, and then Hiroshima/Miyajima. 

【Full HD】JR奈良線 みやこ路快速 前面展望 奈良≫京都 JR西日本221系【cab view】

JR奈良線のみやこ路快速に乗車しました。 関西を代表する2つの観光都市を結んでいますが、 単線区間が長くローカルな感じが強い路線です。...

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こんにちは: 美しい絵の列車: //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6c/JR_West_221_Yamatoji_rapid.jpg JR 221 シリーズ青いばね、ミズーリ州、米国で犬から EMU のご挨拶 Hi: A beautiful picture of the train: //upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6c/JR_West_221_Yamatoji_rapid.jpg JR 221 series EMU Greetings from Dog in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

Japan Rail Pass

Japan Rail Pass VIAJES A JAPÓN EN TREN //www.pasifika.es/viajes/viajes-a-japon Comercial realizado para el 40 aniversario de JR Central Tokaido ...

奈良線103系 宇治川橋梁通過 JR-West Nara Line 103 series EMU

4両編成の奈良線普通列車が宇治川を渡る。 West Japan Railway Nara Line old commuter train will pass through the Uji River Bridge, Kyoto Prefecture. 西日本旅客 ...
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