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Police car vector Videos

1/18 Scale Simulated Rotator Vector Lightbar - Flashing LEDs for Police Cars

After 6 months of development and searching for the right components, our simulated rotator lightbars are finally ready to be sold to the public! This is the first ...

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Ah, thats actually an Aerodynic lightbar. Those ARE actually (or I should say were) made by UT Models. They came on the Sebring and LAPD Caprices. They are still around, but pricey since you have to buy a whole, out of production model to get the lightbar.
If you're asking if it is hard to install onto a model, the answer is no, our lightbars are designed to be installed by someone with no experience. You do not need to do any wire cutting or soldering, its all plug and play.
That's actually the next step and its in development. It will be self contained and feature multiple patterns and simulate the Vision lightbar with fast and slow rotators, front/rear flashers, and oscillating lights.
i also have an police vehicle in 1/18 scale with those vector lights and was thinking about installing lights! do u sell this stuff? if so, does it come prewired and ready to install? please pm me!
If someone made the Jetsonic lightbar shell I could probably get the rotators in there. I don't know of any company making the Jetsonic style lightbar in 1/18th scale right now though.
thats actually sick as fuck! maybe someday in the futur when you get more advanced with it, you can make flash patterns instead of them all flashin at the same speed and timing
Hello, Im looking for a custom lightbar, 1:18 scale, but only 3 blue domes in each side! (Rotary) Can you make such a lightbar (wich is accually 2) Thanks!
ahh, thats too bad, growing up the LASD has Jetsonic bars on their square Caprice's.......it would nice to duplicate those older cars....
SWEET I keep expecting to hear that "Bad boy, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you!" song from COPS.
Can the original light bar be turned into a flashing one if the one i bought came with a non working light bar?
Email us or checkout our website (URL is now posted at the end of the video). Lightbar price is about $200
hello I'm in Brazil I wonder if this Giroflex sale and has as arrange for Brazil
looks awesome =) realy good 5/5* i would like in 1:87 on my layout =)
can you make a jetsonic with rotators and have them flash in pattern?
I found how to do this a while back.But you still did a nice Job!
how much will 1 cost in all amber for a tow truck thanks
no no, these were JetSonics, pretty cool old bars
Lol Hollywood Undead in the background
cool where can i get one im in australia
Good job, I really like your lightbar:-)
hollywood undead i love that band o nice
it hard to put police car with light?

Animated policecar 13 (Vector rotating lightbar)

It´s my first rotating lightbar ever!! So be nice =P.

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thanks ^^

(Video-Decouverte) Vector (PC) [FR/HD]

Salut à toi Gamer, salut à toi Gameuse ! - Aujourd'hui on se retrouve pour une vidéo découverte d'un jeu indépendant intitulé "Vector" où le but ici est ...

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super !!!
Super épisode ! J'adore trop ce jeux ! Il est disponible pour Android et autant dire que c'est un jeux que j'adore ! 
Merci de ton commentaire Bryan :)
Super comtinus comme sa 
J'ai le jeux sur tablette
Ah d'accord, sympa ! :)

Vector 3D animation

A cartoon police car, Animated and vector rendered in Maya.
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