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Duck in orange sauce Videos

How-To Cook Duck In Orange Sauce

Roast Duck in Orange Sauce (3 Minute Cooking.)

Orange sauce the duck

Cobb BBQ Roasted Duck

Using the Cobb BBQ to roast a duck, glazed with honey and marmalade and served with a port and orange sauce.

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@annuk03 Hi.. I do put liquid in the moat depending on what I'm cooking - for general hot roasting (chicken, lamb...etc) I tend not to, it can affect the crispiness of meats like chicken and can conduct a fair amount of heat away from the coals, however for some dishes I'll add beer or fruit juice - in my Cobb BBQ Pork Belly Chops video I use apple juice in the moat.
Is a duck just a chicken that swims ? Great video and I must get myself one of these cobb bbq's.Bet they are ideal for cooking pork ribs on . Thanks again for a lovely night entertained by your cobb and that amaising potatoe salad Loved the duck film and all helpful pointers to help out new bies to the cult of the cobb
Excellent! Thank you for the video's. I'm a new Cobb owner and was wondering, do you normally add liquid to the moat when you are cooking? I know you didn't on this vid because of the duck fat but what do you normally do if you don't mind me asking?
We go camping in the same areas. My caravan is stored at Alderstead Heath. We should hook up and have a Cobb Off! :)
That looks awesome! Are these recipes you've come up with on your own? Port and orange sounds amazingly well suited. 
Very good Cobb video. I really fancy roasting a duck o the Cobb now. What's next? .....
@crayfishuk1 Thank you!

The Adventures of Toff and Shed - Season 3 - Episode 10 - Duck, Duck, Orange Sauce

Back in our adventures! More story time right now as we go on a quest to see what happened to Steve...

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shift right click items on a biblio craft table to get them in there real size.(like the lamps)
Next episode is schedules for release Thursday 7th Nov :)
u might want to change ur thumbnail now
Press eight wovles then press travel
Next ep? I'm craving this stuff
Ae you having one jear
Lets be having youuuu
Where's 999
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