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Duck sauce oignon Videos

duck sauce bouffe moi la raie

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d'la balle, kel trip!!

Onion Soup - Soupe A L'Oignon: Cooking Bouchon

Onion Soup - Soupe A L'Oignon You can now go to my Facebook page and see what will be coming up next and look at photos of finished dishes Cooking The ...

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I made this soup this weekend. It is quite possibly the best Soupe à l'Oignon Gratinée I have ever had. Of course, it takes 5 hours for the beef stock, 7 hours for the onions and 1 hour to finish the soup. Well worth the effort, though.
thanks for sharing ! Really appreciate so much effort to prepare this humble dish.. I had it in Mougins, it is heavenly delicious !! do you make 'chou farci' ? i would like to learn how to make it. thank you.
I wasnt sure of the ingrediants on this one, were they beef or pork bones and what was the stuff added to the onions before frying, I will check my F.L cookbook and find out. another brilliant vid.
@sriqe79 If i was you i would defrost the bones in the fridge over night or you can put them in your sink and fill it with cold water and then pat them dry. Just dont start with frozen bones.
Hi, I've been watching all your awesome videos especially the ones on stocks. How long do you keep your stock? Do you freeze them? Can I freeze the onion soup to keep it fresh? thanks!
Gorgeous video! Onion soup at Bouchon is one of the best things I've ever eaten! You are a bad ass...
god i can just smell taste the beef stock and sweetness of the onions. thanks for posting.
ahh my first year spanish teacher loves this song LOL
Awesome. Does this recipe use Sherry?
how do you like that kasumi knife?
very nice.. wow
love Kasumi

Bistro La Bonne - Washington DC

202 758 3413 Bienvenue and welcome to Bistro La Bonne! Chef Daniel Labonne has created a warm and inviting neighborhood French bistro that will make ...

Recette du Big Tasty de MacDonald #ElerryonFLcuisine

le Big Tasty de MacDonald marque le début d'une série de burger mythic ! Ingrédients pour 2 burgers : _2 pains à burgers _1 petite tomate _1 petit oignon _Une ...

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Bravo pour les idées recettes
+anitahjorge Merci !
Le vidéo est bien, mais je trouve le rythme un peu lent :P Continue, t'es sur une bonne voix !
+Laurent Delteil effectivement un petit manque de rythme =)

Caneton poêlé à l'orange (Vidéo gratuite)

Caneton poêlé à l'orange Progression technique 1. Habiller un caneton, brider. 2. Poêler le caneton : Colorer la pièce sur toutes ses faces dans un récipient ...

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Pour une volaille poêler il ne faudrait normalement pas la rissoler mais la disposer cru sur la g.a !
un Caneton c'est fait pour vivre dans une bas-cour pas pour être poêlé trou duc! 
Merci! C'était un vrai plaisir de vous regarder
Ecxellent, un grand classique

Rima's Cuisine: Cauliflower Fritters with Sauce "Algerian Cuisine"

Beignets de chou-fleur sauce blanche, cuisine algérienne Auteur: Samar Type de Recette: Ragout Cuisine: Algerienne Temps de Prep: 10 mins Temps de ...

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يعطيك الصحة بداية موفقة....ننتظر جديدك لكن حبذا لو تنزلين بدون موسيقى
+‫هدى الألباب‬‎ مايكون غير خاطرك و شكرا
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