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Upside Down (by Clarissa Yee)

Upside Down (by Clarissa Yee) DESCRIPTION Upside Down is a reconstruction of Orhan Pamuk and his grandmothers flat as described in his book entitled, ...

CameraObscura / Atmospheres System | by ElectronicShadow

Created in 2006 Interactive table and ambient system.

Photographic Magic Lantern Show "hakage no kousui2006"

葉影の香水(2006)ダイジェスト Screening that uses lantern (slide projector) Title : Hakage no kousui (Digest version) 2006/japan Photograph&Projection:shuto ...

Deeds of flesh - The Resurrected on bass guitar

my camera tends to be a slice of shit. from the album Crown of Souls.

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@FollowerofBodom yes its a great bass. most of the SR series bass from ibanez are pretty good in my opinion. either that or try out the Spector Professional series basses or the warwick rock basses. both are personal favorites of mine and are still in the affordable range.
this might be a dumb question but how do you play along with the song without your bass or the song overpowering one another? If that makes sense I really struggle to learn songs because when I'm playing it i either can't hear my bass or the song (by the way sic cover man)
@CannibalisticZombie Oh, ok. That's cool. Does Erik still want a 2nd vocalist ? I think it was better like that! Jacoby was Insane! But you know, if the new album is going to be more like the earlier stuff or more like Of What's To Come ?
@CannibalisticZombie Hey zombie, I was wondering. I'm a guitar player and wanted to move onto bass for a bit. I want to buy an Ibanez SR300 as my starter as I have some experience and want to play metal. Do you recommend this?
Good to see a new vid AJ! It's been forever it feels like. You're ridiculous as always.. great song and flawless cover. I still think some Digiorgio stuff would be godlike! Anyways great vid, keep em coming
@HorrorxDeathxMetal yes they are. im talking to Erik trying to fill the spot as their bass player. so if you ever see him floating online or on facebook or something be sure to recommend me for the spot ;)
@HorrorxDeathxMetal Erland was their bass player but he is so busy with other things that they are looking for a new one. from what he tells me they have not permanently decided on one yet.
@wagsbass Check out Bajskung(that's the YT username). He plays in Spawn of Possession, The Allseeing I, Blood Red Throne and Deeds of Flesh! CannibalisticZombie is still kick-ass.
@BassGrindcore sometimes my pointer and ring finger are more accurate at executing those faster riffs then with my pointer and middle. its just more comfortable for me i guess.
@metalmusiccovers1 i have an 8 string guitar that i bought, but i think that you are thinking of my Conklin 7 string bass. that i had bought at a used instrument shop.
@Reapsftw wow, i defiantly dig the music, but i doubt it would be anything i would every attempt to put on here. really interesting music though thats for sure.
nicely done. and you only those few people who play bass the most brutal and the actual way.... using all the fingers to picking... nice man.. keep it up
Please do a cover of any songs from Obcura by Gorguts... Im desperately wanting to see some expert play any songs from that album on a fretless bass
@SasukeYusuke Bajskung is a very talented bassists. Its amazing how many talented people r out there & yes CannibalisticZombie kicks major back side
Dude you should try your hand at some Rings Of Saturn stuff. Deathcore doesn't normally appeal to me but they have some really sick riffing.
Maybe it's not your thing, but you should definitely try some !T.O.O.H.! out. Especially from their last album, the bass work is just great.
@dabos6 Maybe he uses phones to listen music, record bass only and mix the song and bass only together? They're not for ear protection..
@CannibalisticZombie oh ok that really helps and i know it will help my practicing thanks so much man and once again really sic cover
@TheMandusa new strings, the bass, and the Sansamp bass driver di. mix those all together and you have what you hear on the video.
fuck yea man this shit is BADASS!!!! been meaning to cover this macabre fetish by deeds of flesh maby u could do one of it too:)
@NewYardbird all of my practicing is done on my computer, i plug my bass into my interface and adjust the volumes to my liking.
And this is why you're my favorite bassist of youtube, everything from your style to the music you play. Fuckin' Brootiful man
do you like only that hardcore death metal or you like other metal genres too, like gojira, pantera, metallica, slayer etc. ?
@Punkmetaller i listen for the lowest note possible in the song. then i just go from there. some songs are pretty obvious.
sorry i meant to say satan spawn the caco-daemon would be siick, you cant say thats not some crazy bass by glen. DO IT!!!!
@CannibalisticZombie I was using them for a while, but then I got ones from Seinhaiser and the difference is unspeakable.
@CannibalisticZombie Erik does'nt have a bass player already ? or does he just have a session bassist ?
@CannibalisticZombie Deeds Of Flesh is going into studio May/June for the new album "Portal To Canaan"
your videos should never have a dislike button or a like button...... just a 'this kicks ass' button
dude i want you to be in a band so i can see you play for real instead of on youtube... awesome vid
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