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Rider university course selection Videos

Skeleton Top Line of a Horse

A short video on the skeletal structure of the withers and back. Adapted from My Horse University's online course "Horse Selection & Evaluation." Learn more at ...

Pelvis and Croup of a Horse

A short video on how to measure the pelvis and croup. Adapted from My Horse University's online course "Horse Selection & Evaluation." Learn more at ...

Extremely White Trash Adventure

Looking for adventure? Come to Extremely White Trash Adventure. No other military, law enforcement, or school in the world provides the caliber of high speed, ...

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So, no shit, there I was, empty shell casings up to my knees and grenade pins littering the ground along with the bloodstained corpses of those alien bastards. I was actually fighting the Covenant from the video game Halo, it's real bro, scary shit. I was supporting Master Chief on my aforementioned top secret mission, we killed all those damn Covenant with light sabers, stole the Millennium Falcon, and high-tailed it out of there while being shot at with plasma blasters. Craziest day ever.
FYI, I didn't quit. Even if I did, do you honestly think my feelings are hurt by accusing me of quitting EWTA? Hahahaha! Again, it's just another sign of you being a Kool Aid drinker and comparing that course to BUD/S. I bet you brag to all your buddies in Jersey about the """SEAL"""training you've attended and how you're some big bad operator now. I'm suprised you didn't have a bunch of SEAL bumper stickers on your crappy car in that exiting video you posted of you reving the engine.
They had hair like Mel Gibson in Braveheart, all mullet-like mixed with Scottish Highlander and cheap 80s hooker using too much hair spray. My Arctic sniper/extreme cold weather survival training was important, it enabled me to kill twelve of them in 30 seconds using my EWTA standard issue nerf gun. However, it wasn't as useful as my motorcycle that shoots rockets or my super top secret James Bond Ninja Commando School conducted in the Amazon jungle. Hot chicks love that shit.
The video is meant to be funny and it is. All the little whiny girls that watch this video and cry about it need to grow a pair and man up. What's even more humorous, is that most of the people watching these videos and whining about them are living in their teenage fantasy land and actually want to be Navy SEAL's too. If you can't watch a humorous video without getting butt hurt, then you might as well just ring the bell now....... It's called humor people.
You should check out the second video called "Super Squirrely Secrets of SEAL Team Sphinx and the New EWTA Promotional DVD". The first video only one student was portrayed as gay and the rest were shown as good dudes. After receiving alot of angry comments from cry babies like yourself I decided to make a second video. Pay close attention to the character "Shadow Shark" because he is a mirror image of guys like you, Dan.
DanSVT, I can see why the idea of painting faces and running around with plastic BB guns could appeal to some. I can also see how someone who's never been to combat OR been in the military would drink the ESE kool aid. But for those who have been there, the course, while still cool in a few aspects, loses alot of its glamour. Take the good with the bad and don't drink too much Tropical Punch.....
Because it's funny, that's why. Stop being a baby, Dan. Don't you have an appointment for a frog skeleton tattoo while watching exciting U Stream videos? In the event you ever go to BUD/S, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, tell the instructors everything you wrote in support of the course? You'll be in for the rudest awakening of your life, there "soldier" hahaha.
According to the instruction manual for Call of Duty, those ice skates can be used to slash someone's throat. I should know, I used them when I did a HALO drop on the surface of Jupiter a few years back and killed an alien with them. We called it Operation Rainbow Sprinkles, but I can't say anymore, super duper top secret stuff.
Who is this? You need to get your facts straight before you accuse me of what you've just mentioned. If you're offended by this video, then be a big boy and don't watch it. It was meant to be funny, "there soldier".
So I guess SNL, Mad Magazine and things like that are nothing but slander outlets? No real names or places are being mentioned, therefore it's not slander. Again, it's what's referred to as HUMOR.
Is this meant to be a spoof of ESE or of the phonies that are running courses?
Hahaha. Thanks, Shadow Shark. How was he holding his gun? Any tips? haha
Don is gonna be real pissed by the time he reads my comment.....
Seems like it's more to upset Don & Diane...
Shadow shark gives this a 10/10
Hahaha. That's awesome haha!

Western Saddles and Accessories

This is the presentation for Unit 2 of the MSU Horsemanship Threory Course. Table of Contents: 00:00 - Western Saddles and Accessories 00:08 - Saddles ...

ABAC Georgia's State College of Choice!

In addition to a diverse selection of two year programs, ABAC now offers Bachelor's degrees in Natural Resource Management, Rural Studies, Turfgrass & Golf ...

Fort Riley Motorcycle Safety Course

Before taking a ride on that bike after getting off a deployment, think again. You must take the Motorcycle Safety Course as a refresher.

Racing Explained - How to Read a Race Card

Programme 3 - How to Read a Race Card The third programme in the 'Racing Explained' series is called 'How to Read a Race Card'. The first thing you should ...

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i rate horses in a percentage of fitness
id ride elia mc sweeney anytime

New Phase Regular Courses 2015

【New Phase Regular Courses 2015】 S6學生距離DSE剩下不足70日,大學之路在咫尺之遙。 大學在前,卻不是人人也能夠在大學展開新一章; 沿途有些人累了便...
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