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Cancer astrology king Videos

Daily Astrology Horoscope All Signs: February 27 2015 Moon in Cancer Square Mars Venus

Daily Astrology Horoscope All Signs: February 27 2015 Moon in Cancer Square Mars Venus From beyond the dimensions of time and space, a King rises from ...

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Geez, I swear you were talking directly to me in this one David! Had that emotional wave come over early this morning and also when I woke up. Not owning it, just letting it Be, and yes asking Spirit, the Angels, and Intuition where it's coming from. Surrendering and flowing. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for this confirmation. I'd have let it get to me if I didn't watch this first thing. Nonetheless, I feel it's going to be an amazing day! Love you! BIG HUGS of GRATITUDE!! :-) 
Watched your video from your expo. I'm a speaker's coach and thought you did AHmazing btw - very entertaining. I also got the book "Bringers of the Dawn" since you mentioned it and love it. Very intriging. As a fellow Leo, you truly show us in a great light :)
yesterday was horrible! hope today is better; needed not only understanding and guidance from God but intervention! thanks for your encouragement; it helps me know how to prepare for battle each day...God bless you.
Thanks for the very useful info. I get daily messages in the form of triple digits from my angels like 222,333,444. I enjoyed my coffee with you today! Have a great weekend.
So grateful for the work you're doing and amazed at your ability to keep the energy high Thanks so much for your light So much love !
Thanks for clarifying everything for me I watch just about everyday and you help me get through. keep up the great work =)
U are so amazing love so perfect u captured my heart ..thank u beautiful soul..oh dear so dreamy
what does the leo king think about the earth not being what the world thinks. A globe or flat? 
Just wondering, are you familiar with the terms Rahu and Ketu for the nodes of the moon?
Chippendales, lol, divine providence has spoken.
Astrology and emotional "letting"~

Daily Inspirational Astrology Horoscope: February 5 2014 Jupiter In Cancer Trine Chiron In Pisces

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Omg!!! I loved waking up to this horoscope more than any other one you have ever done. Weird dream Wednesday just made sense. David you make the world a better place. 
I so agree Amanda. It really gets me out of bed in the morning, knowing it's waiting for me.
thanks so much David! Love you bro.
+Selena Cate of course..... I have started reading The Christ Letters I did a video about what was going on so you can check it out its part of my Awareness work I do. I hope the book continues to be useful for you and I will bear it in mind. love and best wishes Jakeb
+Jakeb Arturio Braden I do understand. I had to do the same thing as you know. Sometimes there is healing in the darkness and you just have to wait to move back into the light. Do you mind that I share with everyone that you are ok and taking a FB break? You know I started reading a book yesterday called Quantum Consciousness, //www.amazon.com/Quantum-Consciousness-Guide-Experiencing-Psychology/dp/0962618489 and I feel that it might be the thing to help me look at my past, my current life and situation differently. I know that self-help books are very personal. What works for me may not work for you, but when I was reading it and resonating with it, I kept thinking of you. Look it up if you have the chance. Love you!
+Selena Cate hey, sorry have been one of those dark spaces so took myself off facebook as I felt I was spiralling into a "pity party" I appreciate everyones concern. I will be back at some point when I have healed this stuff has come up Love to you Jakeb
Good to see you here Jakeb. Are you off of Facebook. Lots of friends in the DP group are very worried about you. Lots of love!

Uncut Weekly Astrology Horoscope: 6/17-23 2015 Mercury Neptune Square Sun Enters Cancer

Saturn Scorpio Video: //www.inclusiveastrology.com/collections/new-products/products/saturn-in-scorpio-survival-guide-video Subscribe to the daily video ...

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Whoop-whoop, yay Cancer! Always a great month for me. Self-care time for sure... just will be a new level of it. Upgrades. :) Thanks for these that you do every week - they are great to get a realistic feel on what I can expect for the week ahead.
Hahaha......Forrest Gump! You added something more meaningful to it when you said "but you know EXACTLY what chocolate you want! " Things may not go as planned but we stick to our dreams and won't settle for less!
I certainly hope its not about having dead bodies in your soup ! Im a cancer rising I think it's not ill replace dead body soup with veggie soup . Thanks for the video
Intense right..born 1 July 1993 - Cancer Sun and Scorpio Ascendant. Just got refused from my dream job... great (Y) I hope to give it another try in September.. :(
Man this was spot on for me... I have really been in bad vibes lately.. Going Crazy is what i call it... uugghhhh ahhh... This helped!! Thanks!! Leo...
' Oh my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling Clementine, You are lost and gone forever, Dreadful sorry, Clementine.'
You're awesome! Love how real you are-eating the clementine. Hope it was good! :) Many blessings. xo :)
Yikes David Leo King, Was that tower always there while you were making all of those videos?
THANKS for giving your energy to us through this show!! Much appreciation man
Now I feel like a clementine. Lol. Great insight. Thanks man loved it! Xoxo.
You look like Freddy Mercury, but you talk like Nostradamus... Blessings!
Love your work but PLEASE eat before you tape - EXTREMELY distracting!!
spot on...July 26, 2015, is the 9th of Av. My birthday is July 25!
You just made me feel a boatload better! Thanks, love you much.
Yoga. I'm building muscles, never thought that'd happen.
The impossible did happen. I found out I'm pregnant!!!
Thanks man, was right on par with me this week.
So true! Completely agree with this! Thank you
Thank you for the wonderful insight!
Super grateful for these weeklies. 
Love you! XOXOXOXO

Daily Inspirational Astrology Horoscope: December 18 2013 Moon in Cancer hits Cardinal Cross

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Today is my birthday!!! Last week I was dreading it. The last couple of days I realized God didn't make a mistake. I just need to be who I was created to be. I was raised by 2 Taurus', I married a Taurus, and oldest son is Taurus. My whole life I tried to be what others thought I should be. That was my biggest mistake. I'm Sag/ Leo rising and Aries moon. Time to put ME out there!! You nailed it today!!! Thanks David!!! ;-)
+Patricia Niedrich I should also mention that I have a Leo Ascendant/Rising as well!
Happy Birthday Leigh, wishing you all the best for your coming year Fire woman!!
my house was broken into yesterday and stole shit... i hate life, aliens need to come down and kill everyone already. like fuck who the fuck cares anymore. 

Daily Inspirational Astrology Horoscope: January 13 2014 Full Moon Prep in Cancer

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Well, hell, YOU are right on!!!;) ;D ...my EX came back..well trying to BIG TIME ;( I was sooo SURE I was GONE away from him...NOW I am confused?? wavering a bit ;( OH no ;(.HAhaahah.....I will wait as you say...WAIT...it will become clearer..for sure now= it is clear he did not reject me, he got scared cuz HE is/ was unsure....THANK YOU, DEAR DAVID, LEO KING ♥
lol, you always make it sound like we are going to build a bridge, and now we can start living. I guess it's cause your Leo energy is trying to fix, that is, anchor, but Cardinal and Mutable energy doesn't work like that, so it may not be true for all in that way. Understand that, k? k. It's still appreciated.
This is SO spot on accurate! Last weekend had turns and twist that were delicious and woke me up more deeply in my heart! And!!! I do feel as though it's just now starting to FEEL like a new year! I'm Virgo sun Cap. Rising Aries moon and so excited! Tired a bit (from the weekend ) but thrilled! Thank you
Great report! I am writing this Tuesday, and so cool to listen to this as it reflects the energy I felt yesterday . . . YEP I definitely made up mind about some things yesterday-unequivocally-! Thank again for your fantastic support and guidance for us all David! Gratitudes and Love! :-))
Hi David, well you are right peculiar weekend, so weird, but is good probably things need to get out, and understand all the meaning not just us. I got the feelings that all that weird things are happening for us make up our mind, with our depest desires and fears. Thank you so much.
I offer my obesensces again and again .. i was drawing a pic when i started watching this and it was so synchronized with alot of your words how do u know what in going to do before i do it LOVE it .. . hare Krishna lol thank u darlin
i feel like people are really recognizing how to actually speak to one another, and stop talking in self-rejection as much. intense energies lately. major shifting going on.
David, I much prefer your natural look versus the orange / uber tanned version. Stay real & you! Thank you for all the awesome work you do xx
this is so right ON . thanks for being here evbery morning , helping give clarity to my day ! Much Love from Ontario Canada
Thank u kindly King u are so right about the balancing female male within and without i lovey ..everything about u 
How did u know i having trouble making up my mind. You are GREAT lovey it thank you quapo
i like your reports, don't like the intro. Why the pic of you at a bridal shower?
On point, David! Excited for the week! :D
I find these to be right on...thanks!
This is great, thank you!
Thank you
Thanks David!

Weekend Astrology/Tarot Horoscope: June 20,21,22 2014 Sun Enters Cancer, Chiron Retrogrades

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Allergies? 420? ;)
lol neither. working 18 hours on astrology straight. filming at 1230am
You are exciting to watch. I usually read quietly.......but you gave me so much 
Totally understand why. ..
Happy summertime review
i keep forgetting about the portal ending in july. very exciting stuff though. you nailed it when you said "the cocktail's wearing off and we're waking up." that is so true for me. much love brother man. : )
july sometime. he talks about it a lot so just keep watching and he'll mention it. it started in march i believe (i think because mars went into libra, and it was just before the grand cardinal cross). if none of this makes sense to you, use the internet! : ) 
When does the portal end? When did it start? Help ;)
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