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Electoral college calendar Videos

Russian College Girls Calendar for Putin

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I think the problem that Americans have with this (and possibly Westerners, in general) is the profession of the models rather than the amount of skin showing (or lack thereof). If these were female models doing a calendar for Putin, it'd be okay in our eyes,but because females have a hard time getting positions of power within respected jobs,this seems as they're mocking female journalists. I think this issue just comes to a huge cultural barrier.Thanks for telling me about the Russian view :)
Wes is an idiot. Putin is working on his next election, he is working on his PR, he wants Russians to see him as a powerful, energetic, tsar-like figure. You didn't connect the dots? Unbelievable shortsightedness on the part of TYT. By the way watch?v=9Rdp4481dHM - this here is a story about a bunch of Russian youngsters, who decided to declare war on the cops in their country and specifically in their locality. Half of them is dead already, but they were driven to it by Putipoo's Russia
@jarcho123 Yes actually. I have to deal with about 100 russians twice a week where I conduct my AA meetings. They are generally rude and arrogant towards us. Last week one of them preached at us telling me that Obama was a muslim. I then told him that we had one hour a day to hold OUR service and that I ddin't appreciate him preaching to us. He is assuming that we don't have a spiritual practice too btw. IMO they make Americans look less arrogant which is saying something.
You have to understand Russian culture to get the real meaning of the erotic calendar. I am Russian and this calendar was funny. It was a big compliment to Putin for being tough and sticking to his guns, so to speak. How many presidents would deserve such compliments from hot girls? By the way, your comment that these girls would end up doing porn is pure racist. I have no problem if one of those girls was my fiance ... don't judge and you will not be judged.
@ThuggishProductiondon't come on claim the fuck down, also why attack ana and cenk, they aren't bad people or that shit. Also it's a name, don't spazz out and anally rape yourself or anything, but it's just the name of the show. plus one of the definitions of young turk: "A young person eager for radical change to the established order." Which can also explain the name, because well it can simply mean a push for a better government which isn't wrong.
Women have been looked at as pieces of ass since the beginning of time. Few are in a position to change that. Journalists are one of those few. In my opinion, they are in a position to directly change the image of women in their society. For them to get together and portray themselves as pieces of ass for a guy/regime/country with a history of cracking down and preventing true and honest journalism, these chicks have just got to be retarded.
@olya02 I didn't translate every single bubble, but most of them was saying something like "I love you" or "You have already quench the forest fire but I am still hot" and so on. I think only very few people things it was mentioned as an irony. I thought it was intended to be a bit cheap pro-Putin propaganda. But I am curious about your input, feel free to elaborate on this, please.
Not in Russia. Participation in such calendar does not mean at all that these girls would be in porn. I wouldn't do it, but I think these girls are bold and provocative, which are the characters of a good journalist. Plus these girls didn't show any parts of their bodies that wouldn't be naked on Russian beaches anyway, so such calendar would be shocking only to a Westerner.
@christian6179 true true just like a korean man in a wheel chair ramming an elevator door repeatedly despite observing he's broken it and consequently falling 19 feet down the elevator shaft to his death is no laughing matter. that said it pretty goddam funny. sorry dude but it's naive douchebags like you which make it SOOOOO easy for trolls to troll.
@halcyon0830 Would you kindly give some examples of these crack downs you mention? I can see peace activists, but Journalists and Researchers? What are you talking about??? I don't doubt that you have SOME evidence, but you haven't posted it. Accuse WITH the facts to back it up. And DON'T fucking compare TYT to Fox, you shit head.
I like this Wes. He doesn't beat around bushes. Putana and his Pedobear are very suspect. Putana likes to kiss young boys' bellies. I hardly believe that's a normal behavior in Russia. Two superpowers, two fag presidents in succession each. At least Bush and Obama didn't have relations. But in Russia - all in the family.

Re: Leap Years, 2012 & The Mayan Calendar

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Uhh this is more stupid than i thought
What is more stupid than you thought?
wtf how are people offended by the technological level of the mayan people. God, americans sure do get offended over everything.
+David Cerullo exactly.
1:17 Minecraft reference lol
+Dorijan Lendvaj NO FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Dorijan Lendvaj so? his videos have tons of references to a a lot of things other than minecraft
and 1:23...
You talk too slow.
+Saifthebest01 it's not bellies.  It's my belly.  Which is the greatest belly of all time.
+uannoyme74 What's with you and bellies?
+uannoyme74 please enlighten us oh Great One.
+Quinten Sarn i think you both missed the point, but IM not surprised, robot boys
+uannoyme74 'i personally have a problem but i refuse to fix it myself, you should have fixed it for me!'
+TheMelonater nah, I expect the video s editor to handle that before upload.
On computers you can speed it up.
Would it be correct to classify the Mayan civilization as an Obsidian age one?
+A. J. West: I think that was his point. Obsidian is a glass not a stone. It was used for a lot of what the Europeans used metal for (and were in many cases , like as cutting tools, better at it). So if an Mesoamerican civilization had somehow managed to conquer Europe they could talk about Europeans still being in the stone age, because they had never reached the obsidian age. (Although the probably wouldn't as they didn't divide history into ages based on materials the way Europeans did.)
+monkeytrollu No.'Stone Age' is a classification that was useful in the early 19th century when archaeologists were still trying to get a general grasp on the prehistory of Europe. It was an easy way of sequencing tombs and other archaeological finds, beginning in Denmark - 'Any bronze? No? Alright then, that's a Stone Age tomb' - and it worked pretty well as a very, very basic form of seriation. But that's all it was, really: a way of working out which sites were earliest and which came a bit later.So it's not appropriate to describe any group of people whose technologies we actually have a good grasp on as 'Stone Age'. For a start, they had some metal technologies, just not very sophisticated ones. But we've also discovered that people use a wide variety of non-lithic tools in so-called 'Stone Age' environments.In island Southeast Asia, it's comparatively rare to find worked stone tools, and that's probably because the prehistoric inhabitants used bamboo, pigs' teeth, and shell to cut, scrape, etc. In Amazonia, we find almost no stone tools whatsoever, except in the Upper Amazonia, where the stone came from the Andes. Is it accurate to characterise Marajoara society as 'Stone Age' when they in fact had no stone at all?And that's the crux of it: when you call a group of people 'Stone Age', you're reducing their technology to just one material and one kind of object. But there's always more to it than that.In general we avoid these classifications for those reasons.

Christmas Removed From The Calendar. Muslims Blamed.

"Christmas is now just December 25th in the Montgomery County school district. The suburban DC district stripped Christmas and Jewish holy holidays from its ...

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This guy is so disrespectful 
+samira faj Cenk? I know right.
If they include Jewish religious holidays - aah political correctness! If they get rid of Christian religious holidays - aah political correctness! Remember that: political correctness means "the other side taking my thing away/including things for other people". This is because no "pc police" actually exists, it's just the witchhunty way some people interpret actions they perceive as benefitting others at their expense (egotistical as all hell because they ignore that for the other people it's the exact reverse). If it were just getting rid of Jewish holidays, would a Christian call it "political correctness"?
If they included ALL the Jewish holidays you would NEVER be in school!!!!!!
In the UK we just call it the Christmas Holiday, the Easter Holiday and the Summer Holiday... We call it that because of tradition. Also, we come from Christian roots, and while I am an atheist, I see no problem with following the holidays of the religious background of the host country. Not every faith can have a holiday in that host country: Imagine if people could take Diwali, Hannukkah, Spaghetti Tuesday or whatever off; nobody would be working! There have to be limits to these things, and the only way to set those limits is to look at the main historical religion of the host country and follow those festivals and holidays. It's simple.
I love the uk
+snowbaordguru Oh I agree of course; one should only celebrate a festival that has zero violent or hateful connotations to anybody. I hate religion, I am an atheist, but if it is the tradition of the country and brings no harm to anyone than people should have the option to celebrate it, as long as they don't force it on their children in private. Also, while other religious festivals which are not from the main religion(s) of the country may be observed, they should be in private and not affect the lifestyle of the host country, unless the lifestyle of the host country is inherently violent or hateful, in which case there should be protest.
The only reason for any "traditional" religion is that some smart people of the time realized they could control the masses (the stupid) with a somewhat carefully written book (Bible). For 3,190,000 years Humans didn't need religion. Excluding the last 10,000 years for the various 30,000 religions that have existed in that short time period of Human history.
Yeah, my husband had no idea how bad it was here until he moved over. We have a reason to be touchy about it =P And yeah, I'm hoping we move there within the next few years.
I'm married to a Brit, so I understand where you're coming from. But the difference is that the US is SO Christian and we're bombarded with that shit all the time, whereas religion isn't taken as seriously in the UK and so you don't get as pissed off about it as we do.
People spend too much time bitching about problems instead of working on how to settle them...
+DNAsGhostzHouze Great point.
Islam is a vile ideology that needs to be eradicated, not celebrated.
+Seekarr Have a look at Scandinavia and how a lack of religion has truly benefited the countries there.
Your mother should have been eradicated before you were born. Too bad who ever your dad was raped her so hard you came out a psycho.
+SeekarrActually your generalization about only non-religious societies becoming harsh and murderous is an oversimplification and a true distortion of history.  The United States took religion out of its government in 1789 when it ratified a godless Constitution and created a wall of separation between church and state. It didn't turn into a totalitarian fascist state based on the "worship" of any person or personality or turn to anarchy like post revolutionary France not because it was a religious country but because it had a history of shared representative power in its derivative British culture (the Glorious Revolution of 1659) and in its pre-revolutionary war legislative bodies and assemblies and because of the presence of great visionary leaders like Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Henry, Franklin, and Paine who saw that a balance of powers was constitutionally necessary to prevent tyranny and anarchy. Poor France went from an absolute monarchy through a violent revolution to a state of a complete vacuum of power and leadership overnight with no tradition of any power sharing or balance of powers. The same could be said of Russia, China, and Cambodia. On the other hand the majority of Germans who executed the final solution were Lutheran or Catholic and they did so with the cooperation of the Catholic Church which honored Hitler every year on his birthday and signed a peace treaty with him as Hitler told the world he was doing god's work in exterminating the Jews. Nazi Germany could not have promulgated the holocaust without the well-spring of Christian anti-Semitism that made its ethnic cleansing possible. There are plenty of examples in history of religious states and powers turning into killing machines. From the current Islamic State to World War II Japan that worshiped the emperor as a god. What about Serbia in the 1990s?  How about the Inquisition and the sectarian wars that plagued Europe thereafter?  Modern European nations are increasingly secular but they haven't devolved into totalitarian killing machines because they are committed the same way America is to Jeffersonian principles. The difference between brutal killing regimes and those that respect human rights is not religion, far from it, the difference is rule of the people, by the people, and for the people through stable representative governments that have a balance of powers built into their charters so that dictators cannot emerge. It is absolute power that corrupts absolutely, not the lack of religion that corrupts a society.                
+PREEST P the world would be better of without the west.Become friends with muslims and you will get loyal allies, attack them and you will get sworn ennemies.
+PREEST P Why would the world be a better place without religion? The biggest examples of non-religious/anti-religious nations have all turned to cults of personality which turned out to be harsh and murderous dictatorships, such as the USSR, Revolutionary France/Reign of Terror France, Maoist China, and North Korea. Taking religion out of the equation didn't make those countries better, they actually became much much worse.
+The Young Turks I think it is very clear that the world would be a better place without religion, but it is islam that is the most barbaric and destructive at this moment in time. I can only hope that one day we will emancipate ourselves from these primitive and irrational attempts (religion) at understanding reality etc.

2012 & The End Of The World

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Guess what it's 2016 in Your face
This vid was made 5 years ago idiot.
I remember on the 12/12/12 everyone in my primary school's playground ran around screaming the world's going to end :') Fun times!
+.:WelcomeToWonderland:. 12/21/12 was my last class on that year, and everyone, absolutely everyone, was making jokes about world ending. And there was a freaking huge storm coming.
+.:WelcomeToWonderland:. And look at all that world not ending that went on that day
+.:WelcomeToWonderland:. omg same
+Cinestar Productions Well Idk then. Everyone in my area said the 12/12/12 :| 
+.:WelcomeToWonderland:. //www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html
+Cinestar Productions I don't think so. That might've just been the one you heard of? Since a lot of random dates were probably made up I only heard the one about the 12/12/12 
+.:WelcomeToWonderland:. Wasn't it 12/21/12?
who is watching in 2016??? I'M JOKING, I'm not a attention seeker, but i have something to say, When I have kids i'm going to show them this trailer and say "See this video?? I survived this me and your Mum, our last 1.4 billion survivors made a new earth.
+JaggedArcherz I am
I am confused because didn't we go off the Mayans calendar? If so how do we have Calender's to this day that are correct??
I believe we use the gregorian calendar
Ok the part about magnetic disorganization works but it doesn't happen in 2012 I mean just look at the planets magnetic's now that s*its happing but over the course of several 5000 melenia oh and also the myan calendar ending just means there are too many inaccuracys in the celestial "sphere" that the myans can calculate whats set in stone by stars movements oh and the myans were way past there time while the rest of humanity was in THE stone age it was in weigh greater times if it were to continyou like this yeah we will be much more technologically advanced if it wasn't for the Spaniards
+Alex Fairchild oh and on top of that how the h*ll do you predict someone in the water on celestial movement you don't do that
0:58 lol minecraft I see diamond ore
+Spungebub Skwerpants no thanks
do you want a cookie?

ITV Calendar Regional News - Thursday 26th November 2015

Lunchtime and evening news bulletins from ITV Calendar News. Broadcast : 1.30pm and 6.00pm Running time : 4:37.

Trouble for the Tea Party - Poll Numbers

"As the 2012 election calendar rolls toward its final week of campaigning, several Tea Party favorites find themselves in races that are too close for comfort.

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Well i guess if you have to call it a loss, you have lost. Why would i care if your from Chicago? Me, Jeff park, you who knows... you say your from the city. and three sentences that are off topic is'nt an argument. It shows the depth of your argument or lack there of. I guess your defending republican Joe Walsh? um, republicans. Does George Ryan, William Cellini, Stuart Levine ring a bell. But your obvious about thinking small and i'll be waiting for your three sentence reply...dont give up..
Alright asshole ive lived in chicago and followed city politics i know how it works now the burbs for 2 years. Ohhh they dont play ball with chicago.. Its called politics, Obama has to play ball with republicans to get what he wants done in congress. I think your a mental midget who needs to go hide somewhere your captain obvious about all my comments. I think you should think a little deeper dont insult my intelligence with your bullshit comments..
Okay where is your data buddy. You have not mentioned one solid thing that relates to my argument from the start. Republicans which you are defending are just as corrupt okay just look at william cellini and and stuart levine this year. Telling me you have data "go read some history" is nt telling me you have anything related to illinois being corrupt regardless of party the city is owned by dems and suburbs i.e. du page county are owned by repubs.
the "tea party was formed because republicans were losing elections and they needed to reinvent themselves as they always do, so they made up the tea party to fool people into voting for them . even someone with an iq above 25 should be able to see it. a republican insider and former congressman said that the tea party is a farce and was made up to fool voters.. look it up urself, if u dont believe me, i know ur used to having others think 4 u,
Well i know they gerry mander in illinois in a fucked up manner both parties participate in this practice. Republicans in illinois are just as corrupt as democrats in this state. I think you just cracking open your history and telling me i need to learn some history... you would have known this seat is up for grabs because of the 2010 census. Meaning duh fucktard i know they were gerrymandered its illinois right? trolling? dumbass
Most of the supposed tea party candidates were pretty far from fiscally responsible. That and the crap the RNC pulled at it's own convention. I'm honestly surprised there are this many republicans voting for them. I'm also a little annoyed the third party candidates haven't gotten more attention. Presidential and congressional candidates alike, this has been one of the sorriest groups I've ever seen.
Actually I do know people in the Tea Party I work with some of them and yes they do focus on social issues I hear about it from them alot. Anything from how gay marriage is wrong because the Bible says so to discriminate against Muslims because they think they're all evil. So yes the Tea Party is nothing but hatefull right wing Christian assholes who think they're right and everyone else is wrong.
The teabaggers only got in during 2010 because FOX and the Koch Brothers were behind massive campaigns to get the Far Right putting in as many extremist candidates as possible. So they got all these screwballs, who FOX and the Koch brothers knew would completely sabotage government for the last two years. Now their usefulness is at an end, and their distraction only serves to harm their cause.
Tea party people should do this country a favor and jump in the Boston Harbor with wieghts around there waist. most of them are religious fanatical nuts anyway God save them right...nope even god doesnt like bigoted people who twist his words around to serve their purpose. It will be a twist on the old witch test instead it will be a dumbass test..
Read the creation story in the Qur'an. I know you wont so here is a summery. God(Allah is the Arabic word for god) creates the world in 6 days and rests on the 7th. iladian(or something like that) rebels against god and is thrown out of heaven. God makes adam and eve. Mocking Muslims is the same as mocking Christians. Also he is not a Muslim.

New SU President 2011/12

Harper Adams University College today says a fond farewell to 2010/11 Student President Pete Dodd, and welcomes his successor, Kevin Broe. Pete leaves the ...

07/04/10: Governor Quinn Signs Legislation to Improve Ballot Access for Students and Servicemembers

DES PLAINES -- July 4, 2010. Governor Pat Quinn today commemorated the Fourth of July by signing three bills into law that improve election ballot access for ...
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