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Electoral college shmoop Videos

Giving Power to Congress by Shmoop

They've so totally got the power, but only when it's necessary and proper. Would it be necessary and proper for Congress to mandate a national nap time?

Battle Breakdown: War of 1812 by Shmoop

Despite the name of this War, it actually lasted a few years. But the "War of 1812 to 1815" doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily.

Shmoop on The Road: Indio High School

Shmoop is on the road once more. This time we visited Indio High School in Palm Desert, California. Here's a small shout-out to all the students out there.

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Wow ok 

Shmoop - ISTE 2010

Ellen Siminoff, president & CEO of Shmoop, talks about the company's existing and engaging student and teacher resources, along with Shmoop's new ...

AP U.S. History Diagnostic 10: Splintering of Political Parties

Need more APUSH help? We've got you covered: //www.shmoop.com/ap-us-history/ Craving more Shmoopy test prep in general? We can help with that too.

Rhino Party - College Student Alliance Questions and Answers

College Student Alliance from Ontario sent questions and answer to each party Dealer in this Federal Election, to put video answers up on their website. Sadly ...

U.S. Election of 1932

Hey everyone! In this video I discuss the history-changing election of 1932, which ushered America into the fifth party system. Enjoy! LIIIINKS: ...

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No refreshments ? I thought there was going to be refreshments ?
I'm not trying to be mean here, and I would be glad to talk to you about this issue.
Evanibble, you need to do some serious study on the economic policies of Hoover. His policies were interventionist - for example Smoot-Hawley - and not the "hands off" approach of Coolidge. Roosevelt, in 1932, even campaigned on smaller government and to "rein in" the big government policies of Hoover. I know it's part of common knowledge these days that government spending helps the economy but this is the prime example of how false that is. If you map each of Roosevelt's programs to how the economy responded - unemployment, quarterly growth, etc - you will see the thesis of liberalism disproven. Government intervention failed. To make it even more demonstrable, after WW II the U.S. was right back in economic problems left over from the Depression. 1946-1949 were not good economically. By the way, all the previous panics of the 19th century - 1837, 1852, 1873, 1893 - were all far shorter with a governmental hands off approach than the the Crash of '29 and Crash of 2008 were with a majorly "hands on" approach. And I would further argue that the recovery we have had so far has only been because Obama stopped doing what he did in 2009 - 2010 by the time 2012 rolled around and has been put in check since. As a former Democrat who use to make arguments like the one you're making regarding 1932 and government intervention, I should know. When you look at the data seriously, you cannot prove government intervention in the economy works but you can prove it is harmful. This has been done many times despite what Paul Krugman says.
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He Might, but I prefer historian so there will be no children. lol
By the way, we WERE turning the corner.

Unit 4, Elections, U-46 Civics Final Exam Review

Powers of the Courts and Article III

Hey everyone! In this video, I discuss the powers of the courts as outlined in Article III. Enjoy! Links!: Dye: P. 461-65 ...

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I may not watch every single video, but when I do I enjoy learning from you. I like learning about the government and the presidents. I think I might be the only one to comment but who cares. I am going to recommend you to my teacher tomorrow at school. I hope you have a wonderful week.
+EvanibbleVisual aids would make it more interesting, just don't over do it. Your videos made me seem like I was the smartest teen in my school. We are talking about WWII and she mentioned about the U.S. trading war ships for Naval bases and I said "For the Caribbean and Newfoundland bases." she said very good. My teacher was SUPER impressed. I told her about you after class and she asked me how I found you, I said "just roaming YouTube". But in reality I got bored and looked up men in heels, then I found your video and have been stuck with you since.
WOW. I definitely appreciate that. However, keep in mind all I do is lecture, I don't have many visual aids or anything else in my videos (which is something that I should work on). But again, thank you!
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