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Electoral college strengths and weaknesses Videos

Devineni Uma reveals his Strength & Weakness | Devineni Ramana Death | Open Heart with RK

AP Minister Devineni Uma, talking at Open Heart With RK, reveals his strengths and weaknesses, and also talks about the low moments in his life including ...

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pora maragujju L***akodaka... antha saleem fakeuu..tdp paruvu teesthunav kada ra jaffa
#DevineniUma about his Strength & Weekness | #OpenHeartwithRK.

CNN Dr Jason Johnson on Hillary Clinton POTUS Campaign 4/11/15

On CNN New Day, Hiram College professor Jason Johnson discusses the impending presidential campaign announcement of Hillary Clinton and her strengths ...

The President - Strengths and Weaknesses

Listen and learn the basics about the American presidency. Is the President of the United States the most powerful person in the world or a pitiful helpless giant?

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2:17 It's over 9000!!!

The Obama Doctrine: American Grand Strategy Today

The Obama Doctrine surveys and critiques the current U.S. president's foreign policy record and approach, making a distinct argument that Obama has a subtle ...

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I wish I had been there to ask Mr. Colin about what he thinks of Democrats expressing a lack of faith in Obama over the Iran deal, among other questions such as what role he see for future Western Europe in this struggle.

Election Point: Analysis of BJP's chances against Congress in Delhi's assembly elections

On Election Point today, we debate if BJP's Harsh Vardhan can manage to dethrone Sheila Dikshit from the chief ministerial post in Delhi. We also analyse the ...

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only AAP

Rand Paul's Presidential Campaign Scouting Report | NBC News

Fast facts on Rand Paul's strengths, weaknesses, and talking points for the 2016 presidential election. » Subscribe to NBC News: ...

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Rand Paul will make a fantastic president. He might actually be able to save this country from almost certain disaster. GO RAND PAUL 2016!!
+Caleb Blodgett doesnt matter.. majority of americans think this logic is fanatical. im just stating fact. if he wants to win, then have a different fan base. one thats more centered. thats what people look for
+zentricky6969 fanatics hurt his cause. your hurting him right now, u think ur opening my eyes? no, ur making me close my ears..
+Tony Abraham You need to do some research.  We are headed for a huge financial collapse, and if you think we can keep doing what are government is doing and everything will be just fine, the you sir, are the loon.  Do the math, we are fucked if we just keep doing what we have done for a long time, no one in either party have a solution to an inevitable DISASTER.   LOOK IT UP!!  OVER 18 TRILLION IN DEBT!!  UNSUSTAINABLE!!   Can you add and subtract?   
disaster my ass. u sound like a loon. if u were like yea he makes sense or take the economic route, by saying hes the only candidate that wont increase taxes and increase debt. but no you sound crazy. he can and will win, look at wat is facing, ted cruz..the craziest of crazy. jeb bush the legacy of the bush team. and the dems, hilary..even if he doesnt gain the repblican nomination, he wll surely be vp or soomething
Please do not be so sure.  You and I should be a part of that.  They convinced people that his dad could not win, all while they went out of their way to cheat him and commit voter fraud.  He won national poles that would never see the light of day.  Ron Paul supporters almost took over the Republican Party back in 2012, look for more of the same with Rand Paul who will have a grass roots base to start with.  Never give up.  Go Rand Paul.

HTV 01.20.07: Hillary's Strengths and Weaknesses

HotlineTV Special: Hillary Clinton announces that she's running for President. Chuck and John go over her strengths and weaknesses as she makes it formal.

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She is a competent smart, tough, and savvy politician and senator. Perhaps too smart by half. She'll need to overcome the perception that every word out of her mouth is a result of a political calculation and there is no real core of conviction that cannot be swayed by a political breeze. She blew with the wind in 2003 before the war. That makes her a less attractive presidential candidate than one who was right in 2003 before the war.
They notice she is a woman, and married to Bill. How insightful is that? They could have noticed she had 8 years training for the job she seeks by looking over Bills shoulder, and can kick but on her own as demonstrated by her senate success.
hillary, well nothing new, bill did not change America for the better. I think Obama would make a greater impact on our future
Go with the past and the 1990's were a great time!

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Strengths & Weaknesses)

Hillary Rodham Clinton talks to Teen Ink. (//teenink.com/) Edited by Alex Albers.
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