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London olympics what number Videos

Raw Video: 2012 London Olympics Torch Revealed

The torch for the 2012 London Olympics has been revealed, a golden aluminum tube featuring a lace-like mesh with 8000 holes that represent the number of ...

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2012 London Olympics starting date is 27 July thru 12 August 2012, the BBC has promised viewers they will "never miss a moment" of the London Olympics as it unveiled full details of its 2,500 hours of TV, radio and online coverage headed by Gary Lineker and Sue Barker thank you. 10 May 2012, the Olympic flame-lighting ceremony was held at the ancient site of Olympia, the sanctuary where the Olympic Games were born in 776 B.C. 8 June 2011 Olympic torch was revealed in London thank you. Kauaicr07
I presume it is a copy of a Vuvuzella to remind Britain how well we did in South Africa who chose the shape to show their links with the indigenous peoples of Papua New Guinea & their clothing! It so fits in with the embarrassing mascot & the idiotic logo. Who will get tickets besides politicians, councillors & international free loaders paid for by the tax payers of their impoverished countries. Do YOU remember who won the running round in circles competition last time? Nor I but who cares!
21 July 2013 Phil Mickelson 2013 Open Champion, 2010, 2006, 2004 Masters Champion, 2005 PGA Champion won all five major championships. 2004 PGA Grand Slam of Golf Champion Poipu Bay Golf Course record tied Grand Slam record with 59 in his final round. 2013 our 30th Wedding Anniversary year observers in the gallery picture in the Garden Island newspaper 25 November 2004 Phil Mickelson 2012 World Golf Hall of Famer and family enjoy fair winds and following seas congratulations.
Andy Irons American prince of surfing self-created skills grew into surfing techniques used today by professional surfers in the competitive international sport of surfing. Andy Irons surfing legacy continues to grow motivating athleticism in the younger generations of surfers.
Aloha 2012 London Olympics your golden aluminum torch of lace is magnificent. The 8,000 bearers and miles are delicately represented honorable athletes will travel safely with an honorable lovely torch bravo mahalo sincerely. kauaicr07
@TheRighteoussone 2012 you absolute spastic and you should be shot for what you just said. You think the Olympics originate for Nazi Germany? WOW you must be a new breed of retard.
@LukeCoulson It looks like some late 80s TV show logo, what with the hideous pink and blocky letters. Not to mention it looks like fellatio.
nOt only did the Olympics originate from nazi Germany like NASA and others but the logo of the 2012 Olympics spells ZION
they have the time to design a golden painted torch but not figure out how to save peoples jobs and our countrys fate?
@TheRighteoussone Olympics originate from, wait for it, Olympia which is in Greece!

A towering collection of giant bubbles dubbed “The Cloud” 2012 London Olympics

A towering collection of giant bubbles dubbed “The Cloud” is an ambitious design proposed by a team of leading architects and engineers as a spectacular ...

COUNT DOWN to London Olympics 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 zero

The BT Tower message tells of the COUNTDOWN to the LONDON OLYMPICS. So every day the number goes down by one. Here we see it at seven in the ...

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@benjaminbostandzija Everyday when I travel past the BT Tower there is a message circulating the top of it. When I filmed this message it was giving a countdown to the start of the 2012 Olympics. "and ???" "and we are getting closer to that date day by day. Best wishes Jack
hi im benjaminbostandzija on an other account xd

Olympics: Manipuris pray for Mary Kom

Imphal: With boxer MC Mary Kom poised to fight for silver medal in the London Olympics Wednesday evening, a large number of people in northeast Indian ...
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