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Doctor doom's fearfall islands of adventure Videos

Dr. Doom's Fearfall @ Islands of Adventure Universal Orlando (We did it!)

Dr Doom's Fear Fall POV- Islands of adventure

Take a ride on Dr Doom's Fear Fall at Islands of adventure in Orlando Florida.

User Comments

it was high but you should've went to the abyss of ocean park in HK... because you're on a mountain and looking down at the sea so even though it wasn't really that high you feel like you're dying. plus they send you up to the top, and stop it there for something like 8-9 seconds before suddenly dropping you. UNPREDICTABLE and SO FUN.
@boricuaforlife27 Im sure they do have cameras watching you but I used a small digital camera that I can palm in my hand with a hand strap. I didn't have any problems but if you try to take a full size camcorder on there they might see it and say something
I'm going to Islands of Adventure next weekend and I'm scared of drop rides like this. Is it super scary? I've been on every ride there except Jurassic Park, Dudley Do Right's and this ride and I want to try and conquer every ride.
I'm terrified of all theme parks/ amusement parks but I went with family and I got on this ride, scared to death, started crying before the ride even started. lol roller coasters/ rides. not my thing
i went on this twice alone, its the scariest thing in the park even scarrier then rip ride rokit, and rockit is not as scary as deuling dragons or hulk. this is still best in the park!
@sportsman214 Yeah! Sometimes, they do that instead of letting Doctor Doom talk. They usually do that because they like to trick you.
Most boring ride at IOA. I went on it for the first time last summer, I didn't feel a thing. What a huge waste of time.
Going in four days. In excited and scared all at the same time. I've always avoided this ride but it's time to try it
okay , so the ride only shoots up really fast and that's it basically ? no drop ?? so much for a "fear fall" . . .
I went! I felt like I was flying when they first shot us up!:D then it got boring afterward......hehe
Its someone working there, When it went 10 9 8 7 6 5 SPAGHITTI and then it launched us
It is not at all scary. It is true that the initial launch is the only fun part.
The only real scary part is the beginning when it launches you.
this ride looks really epic but i will never go on it :P
thanks to you guys i didn't die when i rode that
I had one person go, 10, 9, 12, and launched us!
It sounded like it was but Im really not sure
i went on that. it was really high!!!
Yeah... Walked by the ride... 
@FanThemePark six million feet

Dr. Doom's Fearfall Islands of Adventure (Nice view of the park.)

DR. DOOM FEAR FALL @ islands of adventure, orlando

riding the dr.doom fear fall.

User Comments

I've been on both types, shoots up then falls down and slowly rises to big drop. I think the big drop one is much better, the anticipation builds as u slowly climb up then pause, then u feel like ur gona die r a few seconds
this ride is even better at night! When they checked the seatbelt things at the start, the bloke next to mine came out, they said he was gunna land in disney, but he didnt :(
UH HUH, especially the first time you go on it cause if you havnt seen it you think its gunna take u up slowly then drop you, then u suddenly go,,, its amazing!
I rode on this thing and I wasn't expecting to go up real fast like that but then I started laughing and the guy next to me was like, "Oh shit your crazy bra!"
my friend had a panick attack and got outta the ridee ! i had a panick attack cuz i didnt know where to put my sandals but this isnt scary at all.
You never know when its going to start so when it does, it scares the crap out of you. Going down isn't bad at all. Going up is heart stopping.
When you reach the top, you start floating out of your seat like crazy. It makes you wonder what would happen if the restraints weren't there.
i remember getting on this ride 2 years ago with my mummy & uncle it was good but not as good as the hulk or duelling dragons ;)
i went on this twice, once wen i was 9 and once wen i was 10 and i screamed the first time, the second time i laughed
Hurakan Condor In PortAventura is amazin aswell, but this is just like tango Ice Blast in Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
This ride scares the shit out of me! :( I've been on it once and haven't had the guts to try again...
its a LOT bigger, it launches you 160 feet in the air, u cant breath until the second time u go up.
dr doom is probaly the least scariest S&S space shot in the world! by far the best theme though
Oh Lord, I remember this thing, a little shocking, but when your up there the view is amazing!
@geekometer96 Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios in Disney World does something like that.
True, i went on it at night and it was so much better. It's like in one second ur so high up
What's the one that"breaks down" then it shoots you up? Oh and it's normally really dark?
It's fun! Don't be scared guys.. im usually scared of heights but this was really fuun!
when i rode it the thing was still talking when it went up and i was like oh shitttt
is this ride scarier than the mega drop at the fair or is it smaller please respond
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