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Doctor doom sphere flame Videos

MVC 3 Tech - Dr. Doom Sphere Flame Reset And Air Mix-up Tactics

This is somthing I never see people do with Doom and I think it should be used more!

User Comments

Nice resets bro. Mind games to the fullest.
really good stuff, sick gameplay 2.

Dr doom's sphere flame xfactor follow up

UMvC3 Doctor Doom Combo

1st day Dr. Doom combo. Combo and footage by 8Bit (me). No assist, no X-factor. Can be finished with Sphere Flame instead of Doom's Time for 750k dmg.

User Comments

After the dash you can do L Cm H instead of just Cm for more damage

Umvc3 Doctor doom TAC combo

Umvc3 Dr doom improved lvl 3 corner combo

Doctor doom THC combo

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