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Potato gratin kitchn Videos


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Recette de Gateau aux noix de coco/Coconut Flake Tart-Sousoukitchen

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j'ai bqs aimé c'est succulent
on peut utilisé l'arome de noix de coco au biscuit merci vs etes géniale
السلام ارجو منك ان تولي للغة العربية اهتمام وشكرا
ça c'est delicieu. si je pourrais le mangé en image, tu n'allais même pas trouvé ça ici.

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Tajine de boulettes de viande hachée-tajine kefta طجين بالكفتة / Meat ball tagine

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Sousou, des patates dans le tagine de kefta ??? Voyons !!!!! Merci quand même :)
+adikbay baydika Mes enfants adorent les pommes de terre!! et pouquoi pas, est ce qu'il ya une regle pour preparer ce tajine?? ;) .
salam , il ne faut pas ajouté d'eau ??
ah d'accord merci on verra le résultat...  :)
+Lala Rifya Pas la peine, ca suffit le jus qui sort des tomates.
mmm ca donne envie! je voulais vous demandez... je peux rajouter du cumin ou du curcuma ? laquelle de cest deux epices serait la meilleur pour ce plat à votre avis ? merci Ps: jm bcp la musique en foooond :)
Ajoute le cumin, ca marche tres bien avec la viande hachée.

Batbout Farci -بطبوط معمر.Stuffed Batbout-Sousoukitchen

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love love love it!! thank you for recipe i eat once and it was i guess with cabbage and cumin stuffed do you know that exactly recipe??
+nfi86 Yes that's right, you can stuff cabbage too, I will post the recipe soon.
can we also cook them in the oven?
Yes you can.
شهيوات من وارزازات 
pas seulement à ouerzazat ! f ramdan kolna kansawbouh b cha7ma
encore merci j'adore batbout je peux vs posez une question si se n'es pas indiscret pr koi vs travaillez avec 1 seule main
je me permet de répondre à sa place, je suppose qu'elle travaille avec une seule main car elle tient surement la camera avec l'autre ;-)

Spatchcock Chicken Technique - How to Spatchcock a Chicken

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Hey chef John, it's a shame that those "allrecipes" you asked us to subscribe to have such incompetent people also posting on the channel. It's cool that you have the possibility of working together with big companies like you deserve but it's a shame that the quality of the company does not match the quality of your videos. I guess we are spoiled with the deliciousness of your food and the personality in your showmanship. Thanks for all the good food and all the good laughs.
Really everyone should know how to do this, so damn useful its not funny. I used to work in a poultry butchers back in my youth and knowing how to prepare a bird in many different ways (really not hard at all) and getting the knife skills well it helped my culinary experimentations a fair bit :P Should do a deboned bird for making boneless maccadamia and herb stuffed chicken video. nom nom
@iDoopy im french canadian, wich is from french decent from france. J'habite à montréal, j'ai toujours vécu au Québec et le français est ma langue maternelle donc je peux me permettre d'affirmer être française en quelque sorte ;)
Thank you Chef John. A very quick and informative instructional. I like beer can chicken but on my smoker it takes HOURS. I don't have an oven. This one halves the smoke time. Worked great, I served it shredded with Mole' Poblano.
I use this method because i cant carve a bird whole... i usually make a huge mess trying. But I can do it like this and put it in my iron skillet and it does beautifully. Never knew this is what it is called. Thanks for the video!!
If you soak a couple of long bamboo skewers in water then run them through the chicken in an X from wingtip to leg, wingtip to leg under the breast, it helps to keep your cooked chicken/bird from falling apart once it's cooked.
John, I've been a spatchcock user for a long time... (wow that sounds dirty) No but seriously, it's an amazing way to cook chicken, the breast stay moist and don't get overcooked. I tend to cook the breast side down.
I can't believe how easy that was. I've have been trying forever to get a flat chicken. I always missed the "little notch". This is one reason I love your blog, the techniques you teach! Thanks so much Chef John!
Hi Chef John :) I've been using this method to cook whole birds on the grill for about 25 years now. I've always called it either flattened or "road kill" chicken. Where did you find this term "spatchcock"?
Thank you! I have four quail to spatchcock in a minute. This is very clear. And thankfully I have just purchased a pair of those kitchen scissors too (hope they're sharp enough). Very clear video.
@possum419 YES!!!! Rinse with hot water and just a splash of bleach to kill any nasty bacteria! But just alittle bit....it also removes any odors that linger on the board.
Cool! So glad you showed us how to do this! It's so much easier then laying dwn pieces of meat. With this technique just one flip is all it takes to flip ALL the meat :)
@PlatypusGuitar I live in Montreal, I lived in Quebec and French is my native language so I may be said to be French in a way,Google Translate is one hell of a tool...
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