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Potato sunchoke gratin Videos

Pickling Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)

I was making pickles with Himalayan salt and fermentation and a special lid that fits wide mouth canning jars. The Jerusalem artichokes are from our back yard.

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thnx for sharing Deborah, I am growing sun chokes, and am trying to find different veggies to use in culturing/fermenting vegetables.
+G'Maw's Garden You can buy plastic lids that fit your canning jars where you buy your canning supplies.Go to amazon.com.they have lids all ready for a gas lock.they even have kits for fermenting.Or you can but the lids and grommets and drill the holes your self for the grommets.You can buy the gas locks at any brewing supply house.Of course you don"t need the lids or gas locks if you put a lid on jar and keep it slightly loose.Just keep a eye on the jar and keep veggies under the brine.

Jerusalem artichoke (sunchoke) with the Driveway Primitive

The Jerusalem artichoke (a.k.a. Sunchoke) is a friend to edible landscapers. Drivewayprimitive.blogspot.com.

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I'd have to grow it indoors no yard that i'm allowed to use being in an apartment. It's good to know it's good for diabetics I myself am a type 2 diabetic
+The lone outdoorsman Too big for indoors unless you have a sunroom. Maybe find some woods nearby and do a little ninja farming. Most people wouldn't recognize the plant, but you'd know right where you planted it.
really informative and helpful
I know a lot of local plants. Fall is an extremely fruitful season in this bio-region, so expect a lot of videos on this channel about foraging over the next few weeks.

Ovenbaked fish with Sunchokes and garlicbutter

Sunchokes oven roasted with Rosemary

Sunchokes oven roasted with Rosemary.

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My Oven Roasted Sunchokes, this is a 15 sec clip from Instagram. I do cook them in a cast iron skillet in the oven :)
Nice :))

Brown Trout Chef Sean Sanders Makes Cured Sea Trout with Sunchokes & Apples Salad

Sustainable chef Sean Sanders of Brown Trout makes Cured Sea Trout with Sunchokes and Apples Salad for the October 29th Dinner Party. For tickets, visit ...

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Man - I wish I could be at the Oct dinner party!! Looks yummy!
How do you cure the seatrout so it gets that beautiful color?

KCTS 9 Cooks Potatoes: Patata-Chop (Potato Cakes with Stuffing)

//www.kcts9.org/programs/productions/cooks/potatoes KCTS 9 Cooks with Potatoes II celebrates the humble potato and all the ways this edible starchy tuber ...
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