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Boston radar snow Videos

In the Snow: MIT Winter 2015

It's been an historic winter here in Boston/Cambridge, with record snowfalls and freezing cold temperatures. Watch MIT's Norm Magnuson discusses the ...

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- Send up a blimp, or multi-coptor. - Mount a gimballed directional microwave emitter on it, and a camera. - Raster the microwave back and forth over the campus, melting all snow. - Use the camera (and computer vision) to avoid zapping humans and other sensitive things. - Profit! (i don't know if this would melt snow, i've never seen snow)
Randall from XKCD wrote an excellent entry about the idea of using microwaves to melt snow. tl;dr: it doesn't work! //what-if.xkcd.com/130/

What is lake effect snow?

Lake effect snow can form when cold air passes over a relatively warm body of water. CNN's Chad Myers explains.

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how can they know where any storm will be a week before it happens? HaHaHa . they are either prophets or they control it. they do it..
It's the technology that we have

Thunderstorm at Boston GreenFest 8/19/11

Boston Thunderstorms August 7, 2014

Blizzard Colbie / Juno, January 26-27, 2015

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