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Potato swede gratin Videos

Fillet of Beef with Mushroom Gratin

Fillet of Beef has to be the ultimate indulgence. When you bite into it, it actually melts on your tongue like butter. The flavor is phenomenal! Yes it's sumptuous ...

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Thank you for posting this segment! I cooked this dish a few nights ago, and I fumbled with the remote trying to find this exact part in the show! Mine turned out PERFECTLY, but I made a few mistakes. He refers to a "hot oven", well 450 wasn't hot enough, because I had to cook for about 12 min to get the Gratin and Cheese to melt. Also, I bought cream here in the U.S. and I found that the Creme in the supermarkets isn't very heavy, so I ended up having to reduce the Gratin down. TY!
@mcgenetics He would be using commercial oven. So the convection oven he is using is going to cook in roughly half to three quarters the time as a normal conventional oven. Also to get a good quality raw heavy cream you are going to want to look for a local farmers market.
Making this recipe again tonight thanks to lexleecupples! The mush gratin make my wife and want to fuck off to heaven with our filet beef. Lol. This time I'm cooking the filet in the convection oven at 450f. Let you know how it goes.
'I just wanna die and fuck off to heaven'lmfao
whats the name of the song in the background?
The F Word - Babybird
thanks ^_^

I like mashed swede and sweet potato

Dicing and julienne of swede

This short video shows you how to dice swede, create a julienne of swede and blanch swede. For more information and other great cooking tips, visit ...

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Thanks for the upload, i really didnt have a clue how to prepare a swede until now lol :) Just bought one from the supermarket to go with our sunday roast im having it with carrots, as I think they go really well together as my mum used to mash them in with carrots when i was little, :) x
Glad you found it useful - sounds like a good idea to mix swede and carrot. Funnily enough, my mum used to do the same!
Useful, thanks, but I would like to have seen how you managed to cut the swede in half in the first place!
that looks like a very sharp knife!
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