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Durham university nightline number Videos

Judith Durham & Ron Edgeworth - Australia Land Of Today (Bert Newton Show 1986.)

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OMG this brings back some wonderful memories - so much love between these two beautiful people - what an amazing performance

Durham Region Inaugural Pride Parade Part 2/2

Sexual Health Day at Durham College

Videographer: Ryan Graham.

Lacrosse players sue Duke

On February 21, 2008, 38 current and former Duke lacrosse players and several of their parents filed a federal lawsuit against Duke University, the City of ...


LinkOnly11/24/13 DUKE LACROSSE FALSE ACCUSER FOUND GUILTY OF MURDER; (wow! Talk about reversal of fortune! How come the mainstream media ...

Duke lawsuit press conference

On February 21, 2008, 38 members of the Duke lacrosse team and several of their parents filed a lawsuit against Duke University, the City of Durham and a ...

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Beginning at 44:00 A reporter asks "What harm has been done to the players?" in an almost incredulous tone.The vapidness of the press is is astounding. A media team needs to be in place to counteract the idiocy of agenda driven "Journalists". Happy hunting to the legal team.I have read the filing, the clowns at Duke , sitting on a 6 billion fund will probably settle.

Duke Lacrosse Lawsuit

38 current/former lax players sue Duke University and the City of Durham. by Katie Banks, Cable 13.

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MOVE ON! I hope someone shoots that fucker. They deserve everything they get. Is it monetary YES it is we give terrorists millions in the west if they can prove they were tortured by OTHER countries, why shouldnt we give these boys something. It should however come not only from duke but also every family member of the accuser. They sald all be bankrupted for tis bitches actions. Maybe then family and friends will call out lying whores!!!
"Move on" ? Perhaps having wanted posters distributed using pictures of all Lacrosse players, even those not even in town during the non-rape, or Duke violating FERPA laws to give key card data to Nifong's "Investigators", then trying to get a court order -after the fact- (which was denied)to cover the FERPA violation are reasons to not "Move on".If your are uninformed, why comment?
R those 88 Duke teachers still pushing their leftist propaganda on their students? Did you hear that one schmuck? Move on? Break the school's bank, boys. Go after the city's wealth too. Hit them where it hurts!
@janderson65 Never ceases to amaze me how to dumb university kids are when their teachers have a leftist propoganda to shove down their throats.
Lax 4 life!

Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the — Download

Download Here: //tinyurl.com/osc3ou5 What began that night shocked Duke University and Durham, North Carolina. And it continues to captivate the nation: ...
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