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Durham university quarantine Videos

Small Town Sessions: LiLa - "Cosmic Adventure"

LiLa, a hip-hop band from Durham, dropped by the studio to perform three of their newest tracks live. Their sound is an awesome mix of an indie rock band ...

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I see big potential here! Epic stuff!

The American University in Cairo

Made in celebration of AUC's 75th Anniversary, and also to introduce a new suburban campus. This video uses a mixture of historical still and 16 mm footage as ...

Bristol Uni Korfball - Hubbub Crowdfunding

Check out our donation page at: https://www.hubbub.net/p/bristolunikorf/ We need your help! Times are tough at The University of Bristol Korfball Club. The big ...

"Transition" (2009)

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I'm studying at uni of portsmouth i'm a massive fan of pichers - bandelero... i'm reggae crazy
James' room!! :) xx
@snakez05 Haha cool

Noon Report: NC patient tested for Ebola

WXII 12's Talitha Vickers reports from Durham. Subscribe to WXII on YouTube now for more: //bit.ly/1mVq5um Get more Winston-Salem news: ...

RUP Students assemble School Readiness Backpacks

Roseland University Prep students assemble School Readiness Backpacks as part of a United Way Day of Service. Video by Christopher Chung/ The Press ...

UNMC research team hopes to stop staph infections

A research team from the University of Nebraska Medical Center is looking for an answer to the growing threat of staph infections resistant to antibiotics.

More Combat Arms Secrets

More of dah secrets. Plz visit HX0RH8TR's channel at www.youtube.com/chuckxbox360 dont read: call of Duty 4 3 2 1 cod3 cod2 cod h2 h3 halo 3 C.E. Gears of ...

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—————|´ ¯|) wasted my time... —————|—-| —————|—-| —————|—-| —————|—-| ———--/´¯/'--'/´¯`·_ ———-/'/--/—-/—--/¨¯\ ——--('(———- ¯~/'--') ———\————-'—--/ ———-'\'————_-·´ ————\———--(
dude gtfoutta here u did not find shit that thing gas been there since closed beta i played closed beta and saw people on top of that place i made a room and tried it with my friend and i knew how to do it on my own so hop off its not ur i proally knew bout it b4 u
lol... let me guess.. G36 is an nub weapon by it's behaviour in each kind of situation? Lol if you cant beat him... join him! {if you hate it... buy it!} well hackers should get IP banned and why the fuck nexon dont do it!? i just wish thoses @ssholes get it...
man that was in the closed beta "after release" patch... i luved that version! now CA is gay... too much hackers... hitbox too much... stupid SG nubs... sprayers and all that kind of noobs!
1:19 did you guys saw that!? he got shot only one time and he just got from 60 HP to 17 HP {that's what i can see LOL sorry if i am blind!} that's called... NO GAYBOX GLITCH!!!
not only is combat arms a shit game, but the song sucked and the so called "hiding spots" were right in the open, shit spots to camp... find ur own next time
Combat arms does not such.I mean there are some things i ha8 about it like hackers and glitchers and how the weapons are expensive but common.Its still fun.
well weekle... every1 like each kind of things... i like every kind of music but only... if it's awesome!
wow, old news. You won't imagine how people know those and how many people know how to do those
theres no such thing as sg nubz spray nubz. theres only 2 kind of nubz. hak nub n g36 nub
thecreator u r a dick dont diss rapp if there were never rap rock would never be alive
There's nothing wrong with my spelling but you sound like a nigger when you spell.
it isnt song, rap even aint music at all. You can compare rap to babies talk.
You found none of these but nice try anyways. People were doing this in BETA.
people have clearly found that glitch when you close to the bravo spawn spot
my bro is that other person he always trys to kill me (ingame of course)
the 1 at 1:40, i knew that and have done that since open bate came out.
i dont know the name of the song but it sounds like t-pain
I don't use rap music in my videos. Rap is for fags dude.
i only left this playing so i can hear the song. gay vid
Hey camham my bros name is Cameron Hamm cam for short.
no u didn't found this frist it was harvesthunter0707
lol pretty funny then at 1:09 he goes freestyle XD
( this vid makes me so sad. some1 msg me!! xD x

80 Faces | Kyle Abraham

After receiving rave reviews and a sold-out opening night at ADF last year, Kyle Abraham and his company Abraham.In.Motion return this season in a powerful ...
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