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Hamilton college kennedy center Videos

Time Lapse of Construction of the Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts at Hamilton College

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Artist on the Hill: Gabe Rivas

This is my personal project that focuses on artists of Hamilton College, otherwise known as the Hill. With the introduction of the new Kennedy Theater and Studio ...

Cyrus Chestnut's Berklee Sextet performs "Solace" live at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, NY

Take an easy ride with Cyrus Chestnut's Berklee Sextet, performing Cyrus's original "Solace" at Dizzy's Club Coca Cola. A course at Berklee College of Music, ...

User Comments

splendid. and i like the happy smiles from the piano player :D
Nice! thanks for sharing! Greetings from argentina
Is that Christian Marrero on trumpet?
I love listening to Cyrus Chestnut!
It is Joseph Streater on trumpet.
love this tune!
That was great!

Bernie Sanders UK - Huge Voter Turnout In New Hampshire, Bernie Will Win The Primary By A Landslide!

The Bernie Bulletin, a weekly report that informs and educates about the latest news from the Bernie Sanders campaign and the biggest events of the week.

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Bernie will get the nomination.

KCACTF DTM Response Tips

An introduction to the Design, Technology and Management (DTM0 responses at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF).

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Good tips across the board. Terrible audio!

McNeese Theatre presents 'Waiting for Godot'

McNeese Theatre will be opening their second production of the inaugural season at the new Shearman Fine Arts Theatre Nov. 10-14, with the most renowned ...

User Comments

Pretty bad looking production. Plus, it's illegal to have a woman play Lucky. Plus, the acting in the trailer is awful - no sense of the meaning of the lines... Ugh

A Night in Tunisia

For more, please visit: //www.nucleovega.com Chuck Redd-vibes, John Toomey-piano, James King-bass, Nucleo Vega-drums Chuck Redd Chuck Redd ...

User Comments

Great video - thanks for posting! I am a fan of John Toomey - what an awesome player. All players on this video are of extremely high caliber - a real joy to listen to! *****
This is AWESOME!.....I love this tune....it's such a blast to play...! This music should be so much more popular....it's easily flights above that crap that's out today...
Very nice. Will go and seek out more James King. Solid as a rock and rolly as a roll.
James your timing is impeccable. You're a long way from home. Come back to Houston.
Chuck you guys are awesome! Just think you have Mr. Whitten to thank for all this!
I just had lunch with him the other day. such a cool guy and amazing musician.
I'm currently taking lessons with him in college. It's like nothing else!
One of the best versions I have ever heard. You are all great musicians
yeah the drummer was my band teacher took our school band to the top
Pop music has NO idea what musicality is. This is great!
this was a great concert, and a great night.
So cool to play the melody on the vibes!
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