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Hamilton college language center Videos

American Sign Language Recognition using Kinect Skeleton features

This a video presentation of the ongoing effort in American Sign Language recognition using the Kinect by researchers at the College of Computing, Georgia ...

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Don't want to spam your comments, but I wanted to get some deaf peoples opinions on my xblig title 'RumbleVoice'. It allows you to speak into the headset on xbox and the controller will rumble to match the speech or sound. I had thought this might be useful for someone who is deaf and trying to work on pronunciation. Have a friend say words normally to get used to the feel and then they could practice until they could better reproduce the feel and sound of the word. Check it out or PM for a code
You say you "excluded" hand shape. So ONI has the granularity that you can generate rigs for the hands on a full-body humanoid skeleton? Have you confirmed this? I'm particularly interested in rigging as opposed to point cloud because of the potential modelling applications.
Hi! I'm currently doing my thesis in translating ASL via kinect. Can I have the codes? :) I'm about to integrate couple of algorithms. Many thanks! :)
I have an Idea for a game for those who know ASL or are trying to learn. definatly adult orientated. (teen+)
Microsoft filed for the ASL patent a few months ago. I was thinking about it last year.. They got it.
Great work, and a nice touch presenting the video without sound, given the intended user base.
there should be a translation about this so that educators that can speak can comprehend more.
This is neat. Maybe one day learning ASL will be a video game that anyone could try for.
How do you segment the video to recognize each individual word?
Awesome !!! This is great work.
It's Awesome Great Job Dude
well, that's some good work...

Training Designers for Ensemble Collaborations—Network of Ensemble Theaters—NYC

Facilitator: Sabrina Hamilton (Ko Festival of Performance/Ko Theater Works) Presenters: Leon Ingulsrud (SITI Company), Robert H. Leonard (Virginia Tech), ...

Kaliloa Tongan language school part 1

More of what happens at Kaliloa.

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Never Giving hope to our Future, and Culture this will Succeed to a Learning Center of our Heritage...Malo e Ngaue ki he to'u tupu..
malie mua tamaiki e faiako ahahahhahah
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