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Hamilton college admissions twitter Videos

UBin30: UBGlee

Special Thanks To: UB Glee Video and Editing: Sarah Antao Music: "Zoey" by Rod Hamilton, Kevin MacLeod Free Music Archive Come follow us! Twitter: ...

UBin30: UB Improv

Special Thanks To: UB Improv Video and Editing: Sarah Antao Music: "Zoey" by Rod Hamilton, Kevin MacLeod Free Music Archive Come follow us! Twitter: ...

UBin30: Crossroads Culinary Center (aka C3)

Music Credit: "Zoey" by Rod Hamilton, Kevin MacLeod Free Music Archive Special Thanks To: C3: Crossroads Culinary Center Video and Editing: Sarah Antao ...

The Martian Review

Brought to you by Columbia College Chicago's Frequency TV show Price of Admission. Follow our new movie reviews and interviews! Twitter: @POAreviews ...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Director Don McGlynn talks 'Rejoice and Shout'

The documentary filmmaker discusses his latest film, which chronicles the 200-year history of Gospel music. Movie News, For Movie Fans, From Movie Experts.

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You rock!!! Keep up the great work.. I love all your videos... Checkout my first video I am Mrsuperactionman. Thankyou
Wow, love that guy
Looks great, Don!

Hunger in College

Ryan: //youtube.com/emmfan09 Be Kassie's friend! twitter: //twitter.com/kassiejking tumblr: //kassieking.tumblr.com vyou: //vyou.com/kassieking.

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My college advice: don't freak when you do something stupid and get into weird situations. My favorite story to tell is the one where four of my friends and I stupidly took the bus to see HP at midnight on a Saturday when it was extremely icy. We got stranded at the theater and had to walk a mile or so to a 6 Motel (at 3 in the morning) in order to avoid sleeping outside in single digit weather. I have so much fun telling that story. We affectionately refer to it as Zombie Apocalypse Night.
I'm a freshman and my university requires that freshman live in the dorms and have a meal plan. Since I live in a specific type of dorm, I have to have a certain meal plan. One of my biggest pet peeves is that I had to buy a meal plan because I live in a dorm style that has a kitchen, so it's basically just pointless. I would say the best option is to get your schools version of like dining dollars where you can just use that rather than a meal plan. Or get the minimum amount of meals.
Entertaining vid! I must admit, in my quest for colleges (I'm a senior in HS), food was a fairly important factor (for example, one of the few reasons I applied to UCLA was for the food... and my dad made me). I honestly don't see whats so wrong with having strange meals like you did. The Special K and yogurt sounded pretty good! (Pity I have none currently). I also found it amusing that you talked about food while Kassie has the stomach flu... just saying...
@42muslimah I actually made a video about motivation for fizzylimon's channel last month! If you don't have the time to go check it out, basically I said you have to fully understand what's the ultimate motive you have for completing those tasks, and sometimes that motive might just be overcoming that task. For me, I said my motivation is that I have to get through everything I need to do in a day or else I won't be able to sleep at night hahaha
Hope kassie feels better soon :( Glad to get a video today, you're pretty much awesome too, like woah. The problem with campus food (atleast in every college I've been to) is either its over priced and deep fried or its freakishly over priced and in a steam bucket. It really is cheaper to get groceries if you can and seasonal veggies...or potatoes lots of filler food for about 2$/bag, few minutes in the micro. awesome ;)
@acrrazywriter People in the community dorm rooms DO cook for themselves! They often leave their pots and pans and stuff in the sink for weeks, though. I mean, if you have healthy snacks and eat in, you know, un-ginormous portions, snacks are just fine. I think they're easier because, like I said, time is so limited during the week in college that you might not have time to go turn the stove on and whip something up.
@TheAlliApples Oh boy, that's a tough one. I'm lucky enough to have gone to a college in the same city in which I grew up, so many of my friends from high school also go to school with me. However, I have a lot of friends who I didn't go to high school with, and here's the truth to making new friends: clubs. Get involved in things that interest you, and you'll meet people who are interested in the same things. :D :D
I just decided which college I'm going to next year! Does anybody in college actually cook for themselves... like in the dorm rooms/common kitchen area or whatever? Because that would be SO MUCH HEALTHIER than some snacks, but I haven't heard of people doing that. I dunno. I'm excited about college, but less so about that cafeteria food... :)
Well, can't say I've had many days when I skip meals, cause I pretty much can't not eat, my bloodsugar will drop really suddenly and I'll.. die. Well not die clearly, but I'll feel really sick and weak and things. I have, though, had quite a few really random dinners when I'll just eat whatever I can find.
Thank you so much Ryan for bringing food to my attention...I LOVE MY FOOD....and I've been so stoked about planning for college and stuff I didn't even think about my food....it's definitely on the question list for my college visit next month. :)
I lived in dorms in my first year and had to have a meal plan that overly expencive and the food was super bad. Half the time things (like chicken or pizza dough) weren't fully cooked and the other half of the time it was just plain gross.
I hope Kassie gets well soon! I found that I'm really good at planning out what tasks I should do when, but never find the motivation to actually follow through and finish what I need to do. Any advice?
oh no! i hope she feels better soon! :O and you are pretty entertaining! as a senior in high school, i love hearing about what college will be like! your advice on snacks has been duly noted :D
i ate cheese its and skittles and water fountain water for lunch today at school because i could only find two dollars in the bottom of my purse. i go to culinary school........
I would say go ahead and get a meal plan if you can afford it even if you live off campus. I spend hours upon hours on campus and the cafeteria has saved my diet for realzies.
OMG. You're the male version of me. Well, not exactly but pretty close. I had fun watching this video. Can't contribute to any college talk though, haven't been to college.
yay! you're alive, Ryan! hehe My advice: college is college-y. You make the best of it and what you put into it, you get out of it. End. haha staying positive :)
Once I ate peanut butter and jelly for lunch. No bread. Just peanut butter, jelly, and a spoon. Definitely the low point of my college life.
OH MY GOD, YOU'RE ADORABLE. I mean, no offense Kass, you're adorable too. but AWW. I LIKE YOU.
@alovesoundtrack MADI. He lives in Jacksonville, too! You guys could be friends!
My hunger in college would generally come when I'd run out of money : (
I have stomach flu! It's spreading over the Atlantic! *scream*
Hi! Nice tooo meet you! I guess! I'm Geneva. You're awesome.
get well soon kassie! HI RYAN! ^^
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