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Century college order transcript Videos

English Architecture: The End of the Old World Order, 1530 to 1650 - Simon Thurley

The Reformation and the Civil War, two events a century apart, created an astonishing originality and independence in English Building. The transcript and ...

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It's interesting to me that it's Northern Europe that is the avant garde in religion, but then they cling more tenaciously to the Gothic architectural forms for another century while in Southern Europe they remain loyal Catholics yet they can hardly wait to return to Classicism in architecture. It's as though change in one area impedes change in the other. Of course, the Italians never did fully embrace the Gothic. It was too French and too Northern. ("Not Invented Here.") It could also be at least partly due to climactic differences. The harsher light in Southern Europe favors the shadows cast by the colonnades and heavy entablature of the classical portico while the softer light of Northern Europe favors the large windows of the Gothic.
Please take a look at Bronte Whitney's Architecture videos. We are not all old fuddy duddys, and I have lectured on Architecture for many decades. Some Modern Architecture is good and some is ugly, but I am afraid one has to move with the times.
15:13 I wonder if this local Civic Action is where the United States gets tradition of local control of pre-University schools.
Thank you for posting the video.
All architecture was once modern.
"This is a case in point"
I want that book!

Britain in the 20th Century: The Great War and its Consequences - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

The war saw a transformation of politics at both elite and popular level. This led to the Liberals being replaced by Labour as the main party of the Left. The last ...

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His concentration on party politics is a misdirection. Our democracy has always depended on a horizontal swing of left and right parties. This means that if all political parties failed apart from the conservatives then the conservatives would have to seek a new opposition to make them legitimate. Party politics make/made no difference once they reach office. How many opposition Lords did we see in the current Lords debate on the Trade union bill? 15 at most.The head of our state is the Queen who is an investor. This means it's always going to be investors vs workers in our system. That is the permanent factor. Investors have no interest in putting profits into efforts of equality through higher bottom level wages. This civil dispute has played out since the industrial revolution.
All lectures should be like this: bookish and clear!
Not much on the war itself.
Brilliant lecture !

Summit Diplomacy: Some Lessons from History for 21st Century Leaders - Professor Paul Reynolds

'It is not easy to see how matters could be worsened by a parley at the summit.' Winston Churchill coined the term 'summit' in 1950, during some of the darkest ...

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Thank you for posting this lecture.

Twenty-first Century Threats: Tuberculosis - Professor William Ayliffe

A cultural and medical history of tuberculosis, and its threat to the world today. The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the ...

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Great lecture! That guy has a unique charm. Thank you for uploading
untill you walk off stage then it goes back down some 81%
Having a British accent automatically boosts your IQ by 20%
This man's approach to work is totally beautiful! Lux

Medieval Music: To Sing and Dance - Professor Christopher Page

A lecture on dancing in medieval England and its contentious place in society alongside the increasingly sombre influence of the church: ...

Britain in the 20th Century: The Economic Crisis and its Consequences - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Fears about the fiscal deficit and the possibility of a run on sterling caused MacDonald and Snowdon to take drastic action in the economic crisis of 1931.

The Character of Twentieth Century Britain - Professor Vernon Bogdanor

During the 20th century, Britain underwent a major transformation. A country in which a law-abiding individual would hardly notice the existence of the state had ...

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Thank you, atwali. We're delighted that people like you are discovering Professor Bogdanor's fascinating lectures. (We trust that you've found his series on "Making the Weather: Six politicians who shaped our age"?)
I love this channel, I have been fascinated by the series of lectures, Britain In the 20th Century, and many more besides. Many thanks to Gresham College and Professor Bogdanor in particular.,
Amazing, I'm grateful to you Gresham College for your benevolence, and professor Bogdanor is simply above ad beyond :) :)
Don't we all play a character in the role of life?

Britain in the 20th Century: The Collapse of the Postwar Settlement, 1964-1979

The 1960s saw a new course in British politics -- the commitment of both major parties to entry into the European Community, as the European Union was then ...

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I dont think this guy is the most credible or qualified person to speak about this omni-important subject. We still live on and of the remains of that period, but its eroding gradually towards oligarchy again.
About domestic and foreign british policy of Britain from the 1950s to 1979
great lecture, thanks very much, helped so much with revision
Great lecture! Will help massively with my essay ^^
what's this guy talking about?
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