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Century college high school programs Videos

Jose Hernandez, 2013 Scholarship Recipient, Century High School

In May 2013, 108 high school and 20 college students were awarded $2000 scholarships through Kaiser Permanente Northwest's Health Care Career ...

The 21st Century Man: Chase Harrison at TEDxSUU

Chase Harrison, Southern Utah University English major presents his case for a new look at masculinity by recounting his own attempts to develop manifestos ...

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Absolutely fascinating. It touched on so many points that beg to be reckoned with and yet are hardly even addressed by the older crowd, let alone by a young guy from a generation that is, as Chase put it, truly lost. Addressing self discovery, self awareness, and the problem that's been lurking over us the last 30 years, that of the emasculation of men, was so well articulated. At least one guy, born after 1978, is concerned about his character enough to think about it and lecture on it. Bravo!
this person is still another scared and rather frustrated kid trying to find root fascination, or maybe better to say bliss, not manhood, not manly self confidence which he trying to "awake" .. you cant initiate (or trigger) something you dont have in yourself .. Anglo saxon rules and regulations speak about these "new century man principles" which is as shallow as this scared kid presentation about something which dont belong to TED.. and they've banned DrSheldrake for not being "scientific".
I give Chase a lot of credit for this exploration, for his search for the deep AND the ideal, and for his presentation before an audience. I think that men have the most to lose as our society evolves, or so it seems; Chase, however, seems to be telling us that that is not the case, as we find and develop in ourselves and in how we project that identity.
That Suit is at least one size too large...
chase don't be nervous you did great!

RHS Stars Program students being interviewed at Massasoit Community College TV Station

Randolph High School Stars Program is a 21st Century schools program designed to help students with organization, homework, and to provide enrichment ...

21st Century Education

What does it mean to be educating students for the 21st century? Find out more in this video. Founded in 1821, New Hampton School is an independent, ...

Illinois Broadband Innovation Fund Awardee: 21st Century Youth Project

The 21st Century Youth Project (21CYP) teaches advanced technology as a path to opportunity. It is a free comprehensive afterschool program that prepares ...
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