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Century college futures in bloom Videos

21st Century Education

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Hi I am the creator of TheCenterOfThenet I did not create this video. This is part of the digitail native Compilation I collected. You can find it all here. You can find the Entire collection at my seite if you search for digial Native Collection Sorry not allowed to post a link.
Yes and no. Tech is moving fast, but goods, commodities are limited, you are limited to sleep, eat, laid down, and go to bathroom. But some human values are been destroyed because of tech. We also need to learn we are humans and not machines.
Sure. I am not the owner of it as you can tell from the comments made below. But I believe any true educator would not mind sharing resources that helps brings more awareness of education to others in the world.
It is incredible the way education has changed and to what it has now became. I went into the education course with a totally different mentality. Teachers should be more inclusive when it comes to technology!
Super job on the video--obviously! Means a lot to us as we work to move way of thinking about "school" forward to encompass learning in a variety of forms. Thanks for sharing.
Hi, are you a student or a teacher? Good to know that this video is reaching out to people. Which country are you from? Feel free to msg me if you need help in your project.
The educational system must really be redefined and re-engineered. It's just boring going to school-- repeating the concepts which have no practical value or whatsoever.
hi, great video. Im a university student (primary education) and wanting to reference a few things that you said in an assignment, where did you get most of your stats?
I have to say that this is excellent! I was looking for a presentation to use in our school teachers & parents meeting program and this is excellent. Bravo slowtortise
If you guys really want to know who's the owner of this video look for "21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada" within Youtube. You'll get a 480p video.
Sure. I'm not the owner but owner has listed this link on their site too. So I guess it is recognized in a certain way. Cheers. Good to meet fellow educators.
Yes to change education. I'm watching from Caracas, Venezuela. I'll be introducing this powerful video to my robotic afterschool program this summer.
21 century learning must be student centered and personalized provide experiences and opportunities to apply knowledge interact with the world
Wow, thanks for telling me. I wasn't aware of where it originated from. I will post a note in the video to state so.
This was a great video. It was really inspiring as I move forward towards my career in education.
Used this in my presentation on evolutionary education - from the US thanks mate for posting
our school is actually supposed to watch this video for a project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to include this in my presentation on teaching in the 21st century.
This is #2 of the digital native series (Digital Native 02) at thecenterofthenet

An Animated Baltic tale--Farming for sustainable futures

An Animated Baltic tale demonstrates the complex reality of how to address eutrophication in the Baltic Sea.

An Introducton to Alternative Energy Sources

Video 2 / 3 of the Green Futures Project educational video series. For more information, please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/greenfuturesproject/

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this is cool
thank you!!!
+Gabriel Orellana your right ;)
This presentation is great, especially since it is done by or with young people. But it has some flaws. 1. Hydro is not a real green energy since in most cases it destroys large areas of land. 2. Nucleare is much too dangerous and the long term cost of taking care of waste is so expensive it is totally destructive to any economy and fusion is not fully developed yet. 3. And the most important flaw in this presentation is that Solar, Wind and Geothermal are more expensive than fossil fuels is not true. The equipment cost came down by a factor of 100 in the last 20 years and in most cases less then that for fossil fuels. Especially if it would be produced in larger numbers. The fuel is free for the lifetime of the equipment but the most important cost saving is the environmental cost created by fossil fuels, which are never put in to the cost equation by the fossil fuel industry, are almost nil. The main reason for the false information about the cost and feasibility of alternative energy is that the fossil fuel industry will lose their monopoly grip on the market. The economic surplus will flow to the owners of many small installations and not to only a few greedy people on the top. Alternative energy will create a real democracy to the masses and eliminate the capitalistic hierarchy of a few. The business model is community owned coops including the distribution grid to rise the funds for the installation costs but then redistribute the financial gains back to the investors, the people. Which in return will create buying power for this people and with this create a real healthy economy.
+Werner Rhein Very good comment! I can only confirm and am pleased that you have taken from me the work to put this right in this sense. Thank you !

The New Environmentalism - Levelling the Playing Field: Martin Wright at TEDxEastEnd

Martin Wright is a Director of Forum for the Future, with particular responsibility for India. He is Founding Editor of Green Futures, the world's leading magazine ...

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Poetic glimpses into a better world. Good job Martin!
This video should be re-titled 'The New Communism'. 
English sub, please!

Celebration of Scholarship

The Celebration of Scholarship is to recognize scholarships that were awarded this academic year (2014-2015). The celebration connects donors with the ...

I Am What I Learn - I Will Contribute

"I Will Contribute" **Lyrics at the bottom** Why is education important to my future? Jamie Hall (North Carolina middle school teacher) and a group of his ...

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:o Becca stole what I had to say. Anyways, aww this is so cute (:

STEM Outreach: Mt. Pleasant STEM Scale-Up Classroom

This video highlights the collaboration between the University of Iowa College of Education and Mt. Pleasant Community Middle School.

folds | installation documentation | lindenau museum altenburg, germany | robert seidel | 2011

//www.robertseidel.com/folds.225.0.html FOLDS // Robert Seidel Lindenau Museum / Altenburg, Germany 18.6.--14.8.2011 www.lindenau-museum.de ...

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Great work!

The Economic Crisis, Two Years Later: A Panel of Harvard Experts

Harvard University held a University-wide forum, "The Economic Crisis, Two Years Later: A Panel of Harvard Experts," on Tuesday, October 12 at 4:00PM.
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