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Auto Upholstrey - Cooks Upholstery Presents 1936 Cadillac V 16 Limousine Bullet Proof Barn Find!

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1924 Dodge Brothers Touring Car Blk LakeMirror102012

Dodge had a reputation for building well engineered cars. They became an important part of the fledgling Chrysler Corporation in 1928. Ford was so impressed ...

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Where can I find out what a "23.8 Dodge" was, registered in 1924 in South Australia? It may have been a commercial vehicle.
+John Hersey Hey, John! Definitely an A+ for you in investigative reporting! Glad you found out the pedigree for your vehicle! Thanks! :) Jack
+Jack R Thanks for that.I found that the vehicle in question was not a 23.8 Dodge.The vehicle registration appeared to be 34-346 on the photo I have, which was registered to a 23.8 Dodge, BUT ...I looked up vehicle registrations in local newspapers from the time (12 August 1924), and found that the vehicle from the particular town where the photo was taken, had a registration of 34-345, and was in fact a British made, 32.4 Thornycroft.A Wikipedia page for Thornycroft vehicles, identifies them as commercial vehicles, and the front end layout looks almost identical to a preserved 1934 model they have on the page.The 23.8 Dodge was sold in Adelaide, South Australia, about 84 miles away from where the photo was taken, in Mannum on the Murray River.
+John Hersey Hey, John! I have a book on Dodge history, and I don't see any mention of a 23.8 Dodge. However, on July 10, 1923 a new line of commercial vehicles was announced, series three. That would have been late in the model year, so that might be it. The previous series two ended on June 28, 1923. Hoods on the new models bore louvers, and were made in two models...screen side and the panel. I hope that helps. Thanks! :) Jack
We have a 24 dodge brothers touring car we just got running that could be for sale. We got it from an estate.
+Art Ruck Hey, Art! I'll leave your comment here in case someone wants to get in contact with you about the 24 Dodge! Congratulations on getting the car...you certainly don't see many! Thanks! :) Jack
'Dodge Brothers Motor Cars' on FaceBook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/780736595343824/
+WildwoodCastle Glad to hear it...it's always a great thing to have a place to go with questions about restoration, parts locations, and history! It really benefits the hobby! Good luck with the project! Thanks! :) Jack
+Jack R Sure Jack. I started the FB page just a few months ago. Have just over 40 members now. I hope it will catch on and help Dodge Brothers owners with discussion and a place to find cars and parts. Ads are free of course. Thanks.John
+WildwoodCastle Thanks for the reference! I'm not a member of facebook, but I'm sure many viewers will appreciate the site! :) Jack

1932 American Austin Roadster

Wonderfully restored Austin Roadster in superb color scheme! All new paint, upholstery, and chrome match the beauty of how well this car drives! A great ...

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so cute

Vintage Cars arriving at Concours d'elegance

Please comment, rate, and subscribe! My Facebook Page - //tinyurl.com/6385qw2 Blog - //dtrockstar1.blogspot.co​m/ Chris Ashworth records a series of ...

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Awesome video chris! Once again i wish i was there early, jeez the footage is incredible, so many generations of cars on the road at the same time, its almost like a car enthusiasts dream! +1
wow, that´s sooo awesome !! i love modern Supercars, but my real passion are Oldtimers from the early years, 1920 - 1960. great video, great cars, thumbs up as always
@Cartman22100 Thanks Tony! It was incredible seeing the Duesenbergs and Mercedes-Benz from the old times driving around!
@lamborghiniSPA1 Thanks Ian! We sure did see a lot of cars there, it was definitely worth getting up early!
@suggett48116 Actually, I think where YOU were was the place to be. :D
looks like the entrance was the place to be
Best car is @ 2:00 :D

Crystal Cleaning TV Ad - Car Detailing, Paint Repairs, Carpet Cleaning

Description - Crystal Cleaning - 30 second TV ad.

OLD CAR - 1936 Austin 7 Ruby (rego) MY JEWL - seen on 29112011(001).mp4

For: GOREGOON (in Canada)... My friend .. here's another? OLD CAR - & it's a NZ registered restored one: A 1936 Austin 7 - Ruby (registered as) "MY JEWL" ...
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