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3D photo ball and reflection in Photoshop - Week 27

Get Contact Sheet 2 in CS4 //www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4048 If you've got a whole bunch of images that you want to display in a ...

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Hi Gavin, Would it be possible to receive a PDF of this tutorial or any other tutorial you have made? I have a friend that can not watch video tutorials because of his dial-up connection. With written instructions, he is fine. Is this a possibility for my friend? I enjoy your tuts, they are very interesting and straight forward. I would like to make my friend's life a bit more enjoyable if possible. Any help, in this way, would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, JAW
I really really loved the results I got with this. I had no freakin' idea what a "contact sheet 2" was, didn't know that photoshop even HAD a "sphereize" effect (JEEEZ!!!) and have never made a reflection like this before. I can't wait do see what other crazy things I can make with these features. THANKS!
gavin somehow i cannot open contact sheet 2 , even i have rarfile in plug ins. now just contact sheet 2 is sitting alone on desktop like a small plug. i hav tried through fotoshop edit prefrences, plugins and try to open through but cannot, the message comes up " cannot open this type of file", plz help
Hi Gavin, I am soooo new to this, I found your video fascinating I just had to try it, all was going great until I got to the part of putting the globe on to another background, I just cant get the size of the second pitcher (background) right, please can you help?. Regards Annette
Can I give a suggestion? After you do the gaussian blur for the shadow, make a new layer for your highlight and, keeping the ball selection, draw the highlight and spherize that as well. This should give the highlight a more 3d effect, instead of it looking 2d.
This lesson was amazing.. Helped me get an A in my graduate advertising class.. Quick ? The background your using is FAN-FREAKEN-TABULOUS. Can you please tell me what sites you get your images from... specifically this green background image. Thanks
This lesson was amazing.. Helped me get an A in my graduate advertising class.. Quick ? The background your using is FANtastic. Can you please tell me what sites you get your images from... specifically this green background image. Thanks
I came across the same problem. I'm guessing there's something going on with the dimensions. I went straight to 16bit and 12x12 (instead of 6x6) and got that grayed distort. I followed Gavin's video exactly and got the results I wanted.
Brilliant tutorial Gavin but I cannot find the contact sheet from the pull down menu, I have made the sheet in bridge and saved it, do you have any ideas what i am doing wrong or where I can pick it up from
Help! I cannot get the Contact Sheet plug in to work. I followed the advice below and dragged it to the respective folder, but it still doesnt show up in the drop down list in Photoshop. Any advice?
Hi Gavin love this tutorial used my golf course photos and it looks good but would like to take it a step further and crop my photos to the shape of the dimples on a golf ball any ideas anybody?
could someone tell me how step by step add conatct sheet 2 to my photoshop, please? when I go to file- new drop list- I cannot see under automate the contact sheet the Gavin is showing.. thx
Please can someone tell me how to get the the size of the background right, I just cant figure that part out, when I put the globe into it the globe is far to big, please help. tks Annette
Love your tutorials, so glad I discovered them! I've learnt so much already which I've started putting into practise, just in a short time. You explain everything so clearly. Many thanks!!
HI, while i was able to find the elliptical marquee tool, my marquee selects an elongated sphere, instead of a symmetrical sphere.. is there something i'm missing here.. Please help
Gavin, love your video's:). And your Voice: "hello, I'm Gavin Hoey" - makes my day everytime. And your explaning things are fabulous. Thanks.
Hi great video. One question...how do I download the contact sheet in CS5? I can see this has been asked before, but cannot find the answer!
Awsome tutorials. I'm a beginner and you are so clear in your instructions that I can easily follow your instructions. Thank you sooooo much.

Mama Elephant Stamp Highlight Alpine Carolers Card

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what is on the end of your blending tools? it doesn't look like the normal foam?
I'm using the mini ink blending tools and the round foams that go with them. 
Nichol I was trying to follow you on FB but it is saying the link is broken. Can you reattach the link so I can try it again?
+Nichol Magouirk Thanks :)
the link is fixed now.

Photo Easter Eggs

Image Transfers | Class Preview | Michaels & Creativebug

Become an image transfer expert with this online class from Creativebug. Courtney will teach you four different methods of transferring found images.

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why this ridiculous music? the pictures are not creepy
I am gobsmacked by the old photos...btw, FIRST!

Photon The Video Photo Robot Part 3

Two weeks until Maker Faire NC and I'm about half way done with Photon!

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use the metric system, for crying out loud!!!! inches is like being a masochist
It's not easy to start thinking in another system of measurement overnight.

Photon The Video-Photo Robot Part 1

Say hello to "Photon" - the video and photo robot that talks! Photon will be roaming through the crowd at Maker Faire North Carolina June 15th 2013 ...

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Looks like fun. Do you have a video where you show the project of tapping into the H-bridge of the Roomba? I have a project in mind with motors and i'm not familiar with the H-Bridge. I'm always happy to receive my email notice that you've uploaded a video. Weird thing, i've noticed some camera shake on the bench for the first time. And am i the only one who shows the video stopping a little after 10 minutes, but keeps on playing? Not a complaint, as i always enjoy the projects you do.
watch Robot rabbit with Bugs Bunny on YouTube just that they're gonna look a lot alike maybe ?... I've got three of those sweeper robots that are all screwed up with bad opto sensors anyway this is encouraging to see something coming out of this robot once again very cool thanks for posting
I used an old tripod that was loose... won't be using it again. :) Do a search on the hackaweek website for "all terrain robot" and you'll find a project with pictures showing where to tap into the h-bridge on the Roomba mainboard.
The gears in the motor resonate through the wood platform. I might just eliminate two of the motors. I think it will run just fine on two.
Don't fix the driving crooked by changing the PWM, get some encoders on those wheels. I thought the roomba wheels had encoders built in.
if it is connected via WI-FI you could speak instead of the text-to-speak module... it would be realy creepy!
Nice, and simple! Now you've got me wanting to bring something to our maker faire in Ottawa.
how about a Roomba tractor pull that the next ...Maker Faire not this year next year ...
hi how are you thank you this védoe it has like me so much we would like alot of it.
You really do know how to make the most of your free time with all of your projects.
Only the smartphone camera is connected to wifi. I want it to be autonomous.
You could have it say, "Kill all humans! Oh! DARN! STAIRS!!! RUN!!!!" XD
Next weekend! :) I worked on it some more today... Thanks for watching!
Excellent video as usual! Im eager to see the finished robot
When will episode 7 of the cafe racer project be up? :)
Thanks Dino, another cool project to follow and learn.
yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss new video
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