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41 Year-Old Teacher Leaves Job and Family For 18 Year-Old Student

//www.PromoSeanTV.com 41 year old James Hooker, has quit his job, left his wife and kids, to shack up with 18 year old Jordan Powers, an Enochs High ...

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is it fucked up he left his family yeah but i heard worst...We dont know the whole story why he left his wife,,shit sometimes i feel like leaving my husband,,,I dont understand why they would fired him he started dating her after she was done with school.U gotta let people make there own mistakes if it is one.Who DA hell R we to pass judgement on this.I still dont see nothing wrong with this accept to adults fucken eachother and liking there company..one younger then the other welcome 2 america
In time she will understand that he gave up too much. In Dear Abby one time Abby said, "you can't found your happiness on the misery of others." Can you imagine what his wife and children are going through? How miserable they are and ashambed? He's just going with being in love with an 18 year old. This didn't start when she was 18 and they are both telling lies about about that because they need the public to believe them. This man has no control. He's happy a teenager finds him attractive.
This is nothing new. When I was in high school (1972-1976) our PE coach had 2 senior girlfriends. He was probably about 50 or so. 2 of our female English teachers (late 20's or 30's) had male senior boy toys. I was a boy toy in my junior/senior year for our business teacher. She was 26. A girl propositioned our basketball coach who also taught history. She left a note for him on a test. She offered herself to pass his class. He informed the class of the note but didn't mention her name.
@MissLizBaby Lord help us all if you are 41 and write like that. When he became a teacher he agreed to certain terms and dating students no matter what age they are is a definite firing situation. Also it's pretty clear he started grooming her when she was underage. And anyway even if there wasn't an age difference their both whores. He was married. And even if he didn't want to be with his wife anymore he left his KIDS. His children had to switch schools because of this deadbeat.
this whole issue is stupid....I'm a lady 41yrs i cant believe were waisting money and media time over this while there's hunry kids,homeless and were worried about 2 adults fucking?lol...please...This is nothing new,,,,I had sex when i was a freshmen with a 21yrs but i would of had sex with a guy who was 41yrs if i liked him anyways,,,Bratt pit is 48yrs and if i was 16yrs i would let him go balls deep..lol...This is nonsense this man hasnt done anything wrong or against the law..
I say he's doing what every man should be. Women leave men standing there holding the bag all the time in marriage. 70% of divorces are initiated by women in the US, you know. The mom is on TV talking about how the teacher is stealing the 18 year old's life away and in the same half hour talks about how she wants the teacher to go to jail. Are you fucking kidding me? Apparently, an 18 year old woman's life is more important than a 41 year old man's life to this person.
The relationship he had with his wife wasn't perfect, and who knows about his kids. The family could have been falling apart from the start. Which it probably was. Bottom line is, the girl is legal, their relationship is legal, the only thing controversial here is that there's an age gap and he was her teacher. This is a non issue. I don't understand why people don't flip shit over more important issues. It's just a bunch of moralfags having a field day over this.
This man has been banging this girl probably since he met her at 14. Now that she has met the legal consent age in California, he's just open with his behavior. He groomed this girl from a young age, so she will do whatever he tells her to. I'm sure in about 10 years (if they make that long) and once she gets some life experience under her belt, he drop her for another inexperienced, naive girl and repeat this pattern - sick bastard should be locked up.
I heard of this today by my mom. Jordan used to be one of my best friends when we both lived in Ohio together. My mom is still great friends with Tammie, and I haven't talked or heard from Jordan in about 8 years. Hearing this story is so weird. I would have never thought that one of my old best friends would end up being on the news. It is so creepy, and I think that this old man is manipulative and needs to be stopped!! It is not true love
That mother of the gal is a fucking idiot. This situation just proves how out of touch she was with her child. Now, all of the sudden, she decides to play parent- When it's too late. Teenage girls are not good at hiding their emotions. If she was the least bit vigilant and involved she would've at least suspected something. Now the media is having some retarded cockfest over this.
the 2012 couple hookerpowers! lol. are doing this for to futher their goals in internet fame and celeb status.. even if they accept no omney from dr phil, good morning america, etc celeb status generates oppurity and perks. movies, books, lectures, reality shows. etc. think of the teenager that lied abiout her pregency. they gave her a damn movie on lifetime....i watched it.. lol
that looks like his daughter hes dating... how do u give up a good job just to be with someone like that? how u going to support her? doubt you'll find another job that kinda looks bad on your resume... give it about a few years the girl will dump him for some younger guy and this guy will feel stupid cuz hes broke with no job and left his family for someone his daughters age..
There is nothing legally wrong with them being togther. But Morally this is fucked up! The only thing a 41 year old man can have in common with a teenager is sex. Usually men who go for girls that age, its a control issue. This young should be in college having the time of her life! I really feel sorry for his children and his ex-wife they must be humiliated.
i wish HOOKERPOWERS well on whatever there trying to do. i wanna see the movie and the porno they are going to make , i just wanna know what kind of pimpjuice hooker had? to attract her. if JAMES HOOKER looked like a young DAVID BOWIE from LABYRINTH, this shit wouldnt have went down. the media would celebrate him , instead of demonize him.
@hellrush yah I know...that's pretty messed up. I dunno. It seems like he calculated the whole thing, and tried to play his cards right...nothing physical until she turned 18. He can't get in trouble for speculation. but yah, creepy for sure. What would the 2 legitimately have in common.? Age gap is waaaaayyyy too far apart
@HappyJackProduction1 I think the point is more the abandonment of the teacher and his family, and the notion that he was prob planning this for years...and waited till she was of "legal" age to act. yes people can do what they want...but where do morals and ethics, and common sense come into play.
I think in time she'll meet someone younger up the road and it'll be curtains for the old dude, best thing for him to do is lap it up while he can, love is blind and someday both of them will part ways. Things will get even worst if they have kids. lets face it 23 years is a huge gap!
@korn56284 Right, cause you smart women /girls aren't being manipulated by the guys you "see." ..and being the angelic, pure, virgins that you are, I'll also assume that you've never, ever manipulated anyone in your life to get anything you wanted. ... *grasshoppers and tumbleweed*

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@millitantatheist1 The principles that America was founded upon are not American principles. They are principles that were adopted by America, there is a difference. Your reasoning behind Mubarak's 'dethroning' being a win for America is arbitrary. You can just as easily say it's a win for Western Society. Or all NATO tied nations for that matter. Again, the few bigoted American's thinking the world revolves around them and creating a negative stereotype of their nation for the rest of the world
Abe Lincoln "I am not now, nor ever have been in favor of bringing about in any way the social or political equality of the white & black races. I am not in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor of intermarriages with white people. There is a physical difference between the white & black races which will forever forbid the two races living together on social or political equality. I am in favor of assigning the superior position to the white man"
@hofifut Are you serious?Of course he wasn't right then, at least not for me, because he had different view points back then. We all change our opinions at one point. Just because someone agrees with us right now doesn't mean they'd agree with us if we said something totally different. I'm not ruling for Cenk because he's Cenk, I could care less about him personally; what I care about is what he said and what he does, which is what I agree with. If he said something else, I wouldn't have agreed.
China's Media is "State Controlled"? In Reality, AMERICA'S MEDIA IS FULLY CONTROLLED BY US GOVERNMENT (By Pentagon, State Department, By the US Gov Media Propaganda Centre called "Broadcasting Board of Governors", By Neocons & Zionists getting paid by the Gov, By Military Industrial Complex, by Corporations Paid with your Tax-Payer Money by the Gov) US Gov has a Media Propaganda Arm just like Goebbels, this decides everything you see on TV.. en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Broadcasting_Board_of_Governors
I like Cenk but I think he completely lost me on this one. What happened in Egypt has nothing to do with the founding fathers, but instead the strength, courage & resilience of the Egyptian people...What happened in Egypt was truly a people's revolution, & I salute Egypt for that. Egypt should be an example to US, not the other way round. Americans are screwed over by their government everyday but I don't see people in the streets...I'm not an Egyptian, but I'd be proud to be after what they did
@millitantatheist1 I'm not sure if you've been misled, but you continue to try and explain which country inspired Egypt. My original standpoint is that no single country inspired the people of Egypt and that their inspiration was forged from the decades of endured hardship under Mubarak's lead. Yes America was founded upon these principles you clearly hold so high, however paper and practice are two different things and history shows 100 years before African Americans were given their freedom.
@xxdonaldqxxx If you look at deaths, there are more accidents from car crashes " 95 % related to not wearing a seat belt, reckless driving or alcohol" than there are motorcycle accidents and sky diving combined. In fact, sky diving is a safe sport, when ever some one dies sky diving it makes the news, unlike car crashes. A person who prostitutes them selves is one of two things, in desperate need of money due to extreme poverty, or a person who has no self respect and is completely messed up.
@dragonofthedarknight Yes, sometimes people change their views for whatever reason. One of those could be self interest. Eldrige Cleaver changed from being a leader of the socialist Black Panther movement to a right wing advocate who decried the welfare system. Only he knows the reason why. But at the risk of being judgemental (which is what the political discourse has become), I would say Cenk failed to get into conservative talk radio so found a niche in progressive internet broadcasting
@xxdonaldqxxx The things you listed are different from wearing a seat belt. Alchohal like most soft substances is OK in moderation, if you hire a prostiture you are proving your self to be completely desparate, by law you have to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle, skydiving deaths are relatively low, for the most part only pro boxers suffer serious health problems. When you don't wear a seat belt, you in danger other people because you lose control of the car and put others in danger.
@dragonofthedarknight Was Cenk any less right or brilliant during his conservative years? Did you know he tried to get into conservative radio talk show after he finished law school but was unsuccesful? Not saying people can't change their views during their lifetime, but given his forceful personality, one can only guess what he was saying about liberals. Was he right then? That's all I'm saying... just because someone can talk a good game doesn't mean they're genuine. Don't be so naive
Wow, the shit hand Q-tips have been revolting... hmm, the muslim brotherhood must be doing a good job planning out these dusty nuts riots... Now they have an extremist country... watch out for super terrorism. Wiping their asses with their left hands... I guess those 'lefties' been throwing thier shit like sand gorillas. Hell, they're so backwards, I'm surprise haven't reverted to cannibalism, and if so, they'd better clean their victim's left hand, otherwise... Disgusting dune chimps
@dragonofthedarknight Why do you think Cenk would be a better Dem. President? While I concede that he may be articulate and have a knack for conversation, just because he can argue a point doesn't necessarily make him right. If someone can argue persuavely that the earth is flat, does that mean it is flat? Did you know Cenk was once a die-hard conservative who supported Reagan, Bush Sr, Oliver North and the Nicaraguan Contras? Nothing wrong with that per se, but what was he saying then?
@millitantatheist1 What an ignorant claim to make that America inspired an Egyptian revolution. This was not inspired by a decadent, gluttonous country such as America, this was inspired by the years of hardship these people endured. Cenk is not saying American's should take credit, you're right, because he has already taken credit on the behalf of America. It's great to be supportive of other nations, but it's outlandish, and utterly disgusting to claim this as "A win for America"
@Its2point America was the first country since the Rome to be founded on these principles and while it is technically true that Greece invented democracy in our modern time and until pretty recently America was considered indicative of such freedoms, thus its easier to assume that Egypt was more inspired by America than Greece. yes, it is a win for NATO and western society, it being a win for America as it is not mutually exclusive. please explain to me how i am a bigot.
@13otany13ay I think you missed the point.....he was saying that our founding fathers would be for democracy, freedom anywhere. He's using that as a point because the fanatical right continuously use them for their propoganda and he's pointing out the hypocracy in that. Hate/Love America we started something great 100s of years ago and that should be admired by others. It's sad where we are now....but that's a revolution we need I guess when things get bad enough.
@hofifut I did know he was a conservative, he only says it a hundred times. Why do you instantly assume I think he'd be a better president because of his ability to argue? Don't assume things, it will make you look like an idiot. That, plus you can't have a persuasive argument that the earth is flat, because there is too much evidence against it. And what he said back then has nothing to do with what he is saying now. I don't care about then, I care about now.
@shazlionusa So they were freemasons (you can't even spell it...), so what? Freemasonry gave the world Democracy and it's only mocked with somewhat credible information by those who couldn't join and are jealous. Lay off with the conspiracy theories and get a life, don't talk about subjects who can't spell or hope to understand. You want to live under a dictator? Go then, then we'll see if you complain about the FREEmasonry or if you ask them for help.
You fucktards are dumb. He isn't aruging in the literal sense that the US patented an idea, but rather that it was the first to implement this current form of liberal democracy. If your trying to get technical than be sure to give due credence all the way back to Hammurabi. Understand the underlying point for a liberal democracy, with rights for people, a leadership that emmanates from the people, and a right to depose those who usurp that power.

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Where are you located? I currently live in Kingston Ny. But I am afraid that you live out of state? If so how far out of state?
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