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Madison - Casting Interview

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THE 3 BITS: MADISON: Episode 3

Madison invites her bestie, Jane, onto her vlog for a chat.

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Which is worse, UNIQLO or chlamydia? A new episode from Madison on THE3BITS.com!



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Wow at the idle.... That is crazy... i wouldn't want to pay 15K for something that rattled and shook like that at idle. It does sound nice once it is reved but dang. I think scag could have done better than that. Bad boy 35 runs like a champ and i don't remember the 28 i demoed idling quiet that rough either.... Maybe it is just me. I would still rather have a scag over the bad boy but bad boy isn't bad them selves.
@JShe8918 The rattling is from the CAT diesel engine. Diesel is loud at idle, however it will save you money in the long run especially with off road diesel, both price & MPG will save a lot of $ Also diesels are known for lasting a lot longer with less problems than petrol. It's a trade off, some people like the sound of diesel, it's just badass.
diesel is the only way to go with any power equipment. It will use about half as much fuel as a gas engine the same hp and it will have loads more torque. you can really tell when you are mowing wet or tall grass. i have a kubota tractor that is only 14hp diesel and it will turn a 5 foot mower deck extremely easy even it tall grass.
Over all i do! I don't like how the deck settings work. It is hydralic which is wonderful but it doesn't have a dial to set it to 3" or 3.25 or anything like that it is just you raise it until you get it where you want it. You have to guestimate from the gauge.
@NIGHTRIDER995 We bit the bullet and bought a cat 35hp bad boy 72" and it doesn't shake that bad but it is a 2 cylinder as opposed to a single cylinder motor. Still that is an awesome machine. I would much rather have the scag. I bleed cat eye gold!
I do agree with that. I wanted a diesel but i just couldn't fathom putting a 1500lb machine on some of my yards. They are for sure powerful and a big money saver down the road. Due to low fuel consumption and longetivity.
I need help from anyone about buying a scag? do I buy a 29 LC, FI or a 28 cat? Is it the right thing to pay 12000 for a mower? Im wanting to start a mower service. I need some feed back.
How do you like it? Cut quality and ride? In the market for a diesel zero turn for next spring.
Diesel = heavy as shit - costs a fortune. There goes your fuel savings
@rickashaybingbing Go diesel....saves fuel and lots of torque
@JShe8918 it was shaking at low idle all mowers do that
The 28 hp cat on the scag is a 3 cylinder motor
@JShe8918 you like the bad boy mower??
I rather have a 35hp cat bad boy mower
Are you selling this mower>
sweet mower

2 year old Madison Harris....doing the "Maddie"


Dart update and funny cat in tree episode

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ORileys screwed me on a tractor battery for $50. Dead when I got it, and never took a charge that wouldn't last more than a few cranks. They didn't take it back and to this day its sitting. Should have went to WalMart and got one for $20! Looking good so far! And that cat really cracks me up! He sure knows how to get up there, but hasn't mastered getting down! I do good work alone too, they are busy when I need them. But I need to drop everything to check something of theirs out...ah well!
@HardKnocks60 He's hilarious, and not afraid of ANYTHING. If I throw something in his direction he tries to catch it. He likes to lay underneath the Blue Jay nest and take swipes at them when they dive bomb him.
o reilys sux i bought a siloid from there and i got it home and the bolt broke off of it so i had to take it back and go to advance and get one
When the powers out my kitty says "why you no turn on da lights?" Retro
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