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China white nightclub reviews Videos

CBR600rr Cheap Brake Clutch Shorty Levers | 2 Year Review | MotoVlog

Chinese Brake Clutch Lever 2 Year Review! Should You Go Cheap? Get Levers CHEAP here: //amzn.to/1bYOEpW Get my Yellow Camo Pants Here: ...

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yeah, I got me some nice blue ones saved in my e-bay, im having a blast with this f3 I have doing small mods. people say to me, you have a nice cruiser, why do you want to waste money on that cbr makin it pretty, LOL, I want all 3 of mine to look their best, and its FUN. im getting the brake fluid resivoir covers for it too in blue. I finally found a head bolt plug so now I can install my gps :-)
+Tina Camacho Nice! 3 bikes now! You are 1 up on me.
a lot of people put me off them by saying that a friend of a friends friend friend said they snapped one day.... but i decided to go for them anyway as i thought it was a load of shit, I've had them on my bike now for a month without an issue, had to take one of the spacers out my original levers but fuck all wrong with them man, they are spot on! infact i love them :)
+LaineYMCVlog Thanks for watching! Stay safe as well!
Hell yes Mr Cruza :), thanks for uploading awesome videos mate, they are a joy to watch :D. ride safe out there
+LaineYMCVlog Good to hear! Their are a lot haters out there that are brand whores, that's all it is. 99% of people who get Chinese levers have no problems.
Hey Cycle Cruza ' Just curious , why don't you run a radar detector on your bikes ? Ive been running the escort 8500i for 4 years on a magnetic Ram mount and it's saved my bacon more than a dozen times , even in canyons and twisties. I figure if it saves you one time it paid for itself. Are they against the law in Ohio ? I'm out here in California and it's legal. Any way i find your channel entertaing man. Thanks !
+Geoff Adam I've been wanting to get one for years but never got around to it. Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out.
What's the problem with stock levers CC?
+Steven Lopez Nothing, just wanted to try some shorty levers at the time.
''Oh this bike is amazing! SHIT! Im going 88 mph!!! SHIT!!'' Fuggin joker lol
+christopher allen Not the speed, the torque! The pull on this bike is fun. You don't have to do 180 mph to have fun on this bike, lightweight and it's strong pull makes for a fun ride.
Do you have any reviews on motorcycle chains and what makes a good chain a good chain because I just bought a chain for 170 and saw a chain on eBay for 56 dollars if u can help that be great 
+Steven Sotello I still have the same em chain on my cbr600rr with 22k miles and the chain is still good. I have not had to replace an em chain yet but I would stick with em myself but that's me.

Entitled millennial? Yelp fires employee who gave the company a bad review - TomoNews

SAN FRANCISCO — A former Yelp employee has come under fire online after she was cut loose by the company for writing an open letter to its CEO ...

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this dumb cunt belongs in an insane asylum.

New products in China market led stage lighting suit for disco, nightclub, bars, dancing hall

Website: www.mars-light.com Email: dana-marslite Skype: dana-marslite • 5 x 15W 6-in-1 HEX RGBWA+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber & Purple) ...

7Days Inn Guangzhou Tianhe Shahe Clothing City, Guangzhou, China, HD Review

Book it now! Save up to 20% - //hotelsale.club/7days-inn-guangzhou-shahe 7Days Inn Guangzhou Tianhe Shahe Clothing City is located in Guangzhou.

Man from China assaults Air Canada flight attendant, threatens to beat her to death - TomoNews

BEIJING — Let's review: In the last year tourists from China have thrown boiling water at flight attendants, and opened emergency exit doors to catch a breath of ...

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Chinese people have no chill
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