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Ferrari f50 rims Videos

Ferrari Enzo sound

Ferrari Enzo sound Incredible ALL BLACK Enzo! Black rims, color and interiors. Very beautiful. The sound of this car is just incredible.. wow!! - Nonsolonoia.

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I've never seen a Ferrari Enzo before.The only cars I've seen are: Ferrari Italia Lamborghini Murcielago Ferrari F430 Spider Aston Martin DBS Rolls-Royce Phantom Nissian GTR old Ferrari 308 GTS When I saw the Aston Martin, I saw it in a parking lot.The owner came out (while I was taking video) and asked me if I wanted to get in his car.I thought: Well DUH! I SAID "YES"- so I got to get in it that day. In fact, I saw that same exact car a few other times,too. He lives close to me.Ferrari Enzo :-)
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peacelove927 i guess its not very fast tops out at only 220, and 0-60 in 3.5 secs not that fast, zdogdrummer14 its the video quality and you cant hear the true sound on a vid, it really sounds great, and KlipschWolf there the same car
@beratio Yup, lol like I said also, I know where you are coming from, as when me and you think of Ferrari, the color red comes to mind. They have kind of owned that color. It's a great looking car either way. Thanks.
He fucked up the car when he drove it onto the tow truck bed. God what an idiot. My LP560 has higher clearance at the front and even it wouldn't be able to make it up that steep a grade. DUMBASS!!
IF it doesn't have an alarm to go off when entering while turned on I would not leave it for more than this dude, barely along for 10 sec.... BELLA Ferrari, TOppp liNNNnnee!!! :D
@beratio Personally I think every car looks good in all black, but I know where you're coming from, as red is kind of the original color. But yeah, Great video!
@Technovoyeur909 però che ridere =) è una cosa che non ti aspetteresti mai nella vita, veder scendere una persona del genere da una macchina del genere =)
@Technovoyeur909 Secondo me sara' il compare di tua sorella, che grazie a lei chissa' come guarda cosa' comprato!!!! non hai rispetto per chi lavora
@mikemer79 dai su perchè dici così???? per tua madre ne ho un casino di rispetto.... fai la brava, non insultare, testa di cazzo.
shitest recovery driver ever..I collect them all the time...doesn't he know the enzo has a button to raise the front..tool.
@GidieeUp when you own a car like that, you don't make monthly payments dude. You pay it in full, cause you have the money.
Did he leave the car running?!!! I would have jumped on it and take it for a ride. Going to jail would be soooo worth it.
@1PAHero Its not over priced cause this cars are not for everyone, are for people who can give him self this luxury.
@EatenChiken yeah, if only Ferrari would sell these to everyday people too! hahaha A-list celebrities only!
fuk that shit if i buy one what the hell am i gunna do about gas it will be like 20 bucks a gallon so shit
i love how the guy driving it seems to be some sort of construction worker...its like something out of GTA
you know your car is the fucking shit when people stop traffic on foot just to get a camera shot of it
He left it running? why not just steal it,no one would ever catch u in that beast!
You wasted the perfect opportunity to drive this car until the police catch you.
That person in the volkswagon drove pass & was like "GOD DAMN OH MY GOD SWAG!"

Ferrari F50 at Bournemouth wheels festival 2015 (Like subscribe share.)

Test Drive Unlimited - Bug - 2 Jogos de Rodas - Ferrari F50 - (2 packs Wheels bug)

Bug que deu no jogo, deixando o carro com 2 jogos de rodas diferentes.

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me diz se esse e de ps2

Ferrari F50

Bournemouth Wheels festival.
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