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Usf tampa orientation dates Videos

USF COPH: USF’s Herd of Thunder have their way at fall orientation

More than 200 new students started their morning with a bang, boom and montage of USF's fight song, alma mater and other spirited tunes. The best and ...

Delta Epsilon Psi Theta Chapter Stroll USF 2007 Orientation

Theta boys holding it down!

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ya thas what i'm talkin bout....thas my bros holdin' it down for DEPsi...get it' frat!

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. USF Orientation Stroll 2007

My girls doing their stroll to Ms. New Booty. Komal, Chandni, Hema and Hanel.

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no they don't...they look like scared stick figures...so sad...step it up boo...this is usf.
ko ko looks so cute!
need more practice
Ummmm. Just wrong
What the hell?

USF Dons Student Athlete Orientation 2012

Net Impact at USF - Fall 2012 MBA Orientation Speech

The University of South Florida - Net Impact Chapter President - Abraham Aljibouri giving a short speech at the Fall 2012 MBA Student Orientation on August 18, ...

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Good stuff!

Thursday's Welcome to USF Orientation

USF Ambassador Orientation Video #1

2011-2012 University of South Florida Ambassadors Orientation Video. #1.

Tutorial: Object Oriented Programming with the Arduino

This tutorial was developed for the MAKE course at the University of South Florida (www.makecourse.com). It introduces the use of object oriented programming ...

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Thanks for posting this, it's really useful. Including a header file could have been better, I think - if that's even possible with class definitions.
+Balázs P. I tried, it works. Separate your code in something like myExternalFile.h aside your main .ino file, and in your main file just #include "myExternamFile.h" and that's it. Nice, neat, structured code, which is easy to read.
Your Playlist for "Learning Programming with the Arduino" needs some help. You are missing some of the videos of the series in it, this one being one of them. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHCcxTGkaT14c4KA8TCBquIrCeklP4kYj
+Bradley Herbst I fixed it. Sorry about this!
I would be interested in understanding if you need to use any special development environment with arduino to support object oriented programming. There seems to be no reference to supporting object oriented programming with sketches on the arduino page. It does mention that the environment itself is written in C/C++ however the language reference does not include the class definition. Any feedback in providing clarity on this matter would be greatly appreciate as I am very new to arduino as a hardware and software platfrom. PS excellent video Regards Stuart
+Stuart Richards No you can do it with the standard Arduino IDE. The 'Arduino language' is based on a subset of C++ and the Arduino.h library, which contains all the special Arduino 'commands' (methods). A lot of the standard C++ libraries are included in the Arduino IDE, but invisibly so. You can also include any of the C++ libraries that are not in there, i.e. there is no real limitation on how far you want to take your code in terms of C++.
where i can find the code for the arduino, that you use in the example?
We post most of the sketches on makecourse.com. Go to Videos or Lesson Plan. Enjoy!
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