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Neil Gaiman on Terry Pratchett and writing, in conversation with Michael Chabon

An extraordinary evening of storytelling, readings, and memories of Sir Terry Pratchett on the eve of his passing with Neil Gaiman and Michael Chabon. Watch ...

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Anyone know who he was talking about when he said that he wrote a blurb for a terrible book for an author that he really liked?
pestilence, OR pollution, take your pick
I love how he changes into Terry's voice when he quotes him ....
My thoughts exactly, in particular that opening sound that I can't transcribe, but you know what I mean :)
It seems incredibly awkward to open an interview with "I've seen your wife naked."
Except Amanda Palmer is frequently naked, so it's a joke.
I'm not following what Gaiman means about risking losing critical acclaim by campaigning for Alzheimer's research. Is he referring to those who don't like any discussion of illness?
Ah, thanks. But surely that would only apply to people who've never read his work?
+allaboutdmagic I believe he's talking about the risk of being seen more as Terry Pratchett the guy with Alzheimers, than Sir Terry Pratchett brilliant author.
Margaret atwood tweeted a possible cure that worked in 75% in mice or something, so hopefully we have made progress.
+ImmaterialDigression Actually there's been progress in recording memory and playback into brains to 'restock functionality' for patients. The side benefit is - who knows - immortality defined in recorded memory constructs perhaps. It's fascinating regardless. I'd post a link but I'm still struggling with the keywords from the NPR broadcast on a 'Science Friday' report.
can anyone recommend a book by Michael Chabon ? i've never heard of him, but he seems really cool
thaank you :))
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (about the early comic book world, LOOSELY based on the creators of Superman) is epically phenomenal, Yiddish Policeman's Union is a great semi-noir with a very cool plot that gets revealed slowly, and Gentleman of the Road is just super fun historical swashbuckling.
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